Thursday, August 13, 2009

I did it, I did it, I finally got it done! SUPER SUMMER SWAP

I finally mailed all 4 packages from the Summer Swap the girls participated in. We had a great time thinking of what we wanted to make, what things to send and things our new friends might like. All 3 of my girls really got into it.

I am hopeful our partners are an understanding bunch because we are a bit late in mailing. The State Cup soccer tournament is in town and I have more responsibilities that I normally would. If I'd have paid any attention to the coinciding dates I might have been less inclined to participate but I am glad we did it just the same. To our partners, thank you for your patience, I am ever so grateful!

We tried a new project for one of Cassi's partners,(she actually traded with 2 because there were an odd number I guess)it was a bit of a flop. After that we tried to do things we know we love.

Cassi made pillows and bookmarks for her partners. We also found a great book about Alaska with loads of beautiful pictures of wildlife. Of course that is a favorite thing for us. We sent a bit of chocolate too, just for grins. We sent loads of travel brochures for her partners to study and then cut up for projects. We even included little moose stuffies which my children still adore. Hopefully Cassi's new friends will too.

Cori partnered with a young man in Texas which was just perfect for her. We are of the opinion she often thinks like one so it seemed right. She had a great time looking for things for him. He mentioned in an email he didn't think he was too great of an artist so she sent him sketching pencils and a sketchbook we created. She also found a pocket ulu knife which she was sure he would love. Oh, and a pooping moose. 'Cause what boy wouldn't love that! Lastly she sent him a couple of the sponge balls we made so there would be one for him and one for a friend to battle with. And of course he got all the brochures to glance through too. Interestingly enough, we noticed in one of those the actual road we live on is shown there. I mentioned it to his mom, maybe she will challenge him to find it.

Cali really liked making things for her friend too. We made a cozy pillow also, gave a stuffie and even found some pretty Alaska paper dolls. She loved them and I thought it was a sweet item to send. We received Cali's swap box before sending ours so we found out her friend likes ballet. That sent Cali into immediate motion to also make her a bag to carry her ballet shoes in, just like her own.So we whipped that up super quick and added it in before we mailed the boxes. She also drew her a great picture which I didn't photograph :( She drew Mt. Redoubt after if blew, with lava of course and a rocket to escape the lava in. I loved it.

I am hopeful that our new friends will continue to keep in touch. The girls really love it. As soon as I make sure I've got pictures of everything I will post about the boxes they received as well. It certainly was a fabulous idea these ladies put together. I hope to do it again sometime soon.

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