Monday, September 01, 2008

The Last Summer Soccer HooRah

This weekend was our last summer soccer tournament this season. Because we live in such a small town we don't have an indoor facility. It has become a mission for Scott to change that but it will be a slow process. Even if it ever happens, it will likely only benefit Cali because of the length of time it takes to push these sorts of things through.

The tournament we attended this weekend is a 3 v. 3 variety. Cori has played for 3 years, Cassi for two. This year, since we could, we decided to have the girls play on their own individual teams. Cori played in the U-11 bracket while Cassi played U-10. They could make this all about winning and set their teams up with the best players but instead they choose to play with their closest friends and worry less about the all important WIN. The tournament is open to anyone; you don't have to be a part of a comp team to play.

Cori and her best friend Alli decided they wanted to play together and invited a girl from their comp soccer team whom they really enjoyed playing with this summer; Alyssa. Then they chose Alyssa's best friend Reagan, to be fair.

Cassi asked Abi to play. She's known her for a couple years but got to know her better this summer on the comp team. They also invited Elena from comp whom they enjoy and a friend of Abi's from school with no comp experience.

We drug Wren along with us for the weekend since we knew we were headed to the state fair while we were up in Anchorage.

He didn't play in the tournament however I think I will really encourage him to do so next year. I think he missed playing. Since he stayed in Anchorage with us, we stayed at his new Anchorage house rather than a hotel. Holly headed south to the old house for the holiday weekend so Barry could visit with friends.

It was a beautiful weekend, we couldn't have asked for better weather. Since Scott was coaching both teams we pretty much ran from game to game however we did take time to tailgate a little.

The girls had a great time having lunch and relaxing a bit. By the way, we discovered champagne grapes this weekend; what a treat they are. The girls(and Wren) all thought they were incredibly fun.

It was so warm we found ourselves looking for shade a couple of times.

When the wind picked up a bit and cooled things off, everyone got a little sillier.

This picture of Cali made me laugh a bit, she looks so tough doesn't she?

In the event I we haven't mentioned it before, the girls' team name this year was the Rowdies. Can you believe that? For the tournament we called them the Rowdie Girls and the Lil' Rowdie Girls. Have you also heard the Tampa bay Rowdies are gearing up again! Very exciting news for these old die-hard Rowdie fans!

Anyway,The Lil' Rowdies ended up taking first place in their age bracket. My camera died just before Scott passed out their medals so sadly I have no pictures of them. Regardless, I think Cassi was pretty darn excited.

Cori's Rowdie girls team didn't fare as well but had a great time just the same. It's been a hard year for her. I am hoping she has a better year next year. Her frustration is apparent and sometimes I wonder how to help her. She loves the game so much but losing so often gets real old.

She did win first place in this tournament two years ago when she was in the same age bracket Cassi was in this year. And amazingly, I took this sort of photo of her team back then and it continues to be one of my favorites. I think this one of Cassi's team(3 of them anyway) will be also. How cute is this?!

I was really grateful for such a wonderful day. I am hopeful we continue to get such beautiful weather. Keep you fingers crossed.

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