Monday, September 08, 2008

Check out this craftiness (unplugged-soft)

OK, so I am totally cheating, well maybe. We did at least do a project but it wasn't really original or anything. That's OK, right? :-) I have been perusing blogs of late and going through old posts in search of new ideas for gifts the kids might make for Christmas for their friends.

In my search I ended up at this blog which I adore and loved the cute idea for the easily made pillow. I told my girls all about it and the next day we were off looking for a placemat. That is what it started out as, a $3.99 placemat! Don't you love it!

Again this week, I didn't get pictures of us in the process (stuffing away) but mostly because we were laying in bed around 11:00 at night and I didn't feel like heading downstairs to find my camera. I didn't know about this tip previously but we followed the advice in the post and stuffed it with small bits instead of large clumps. What a difference it made. Our first attempt came out so darn cute that we are saving it to give to one of the girls' teachers for Christmas. Our plan is to add some holiday tea and a book to go with it.

We don't have a lot of choices for places to locate placemats but but we are headed to the big city soon and we will spend some time looking there. If we can find some tweeny looking ones we will give these to friends too.

I also read about this cute little pom-pom letter book over at Teaching Tiny Tots at Mommy School.

It was actually the Pom-Pom Number Cards link that I followed but it basically lead me to this wonderful site. Cali has enjoyed her new book with the brightly colored soft pom-poms so much. I laminated each page, put a Velcro dot on each spot and the corresponding Velcro half on many pom poms. The only things she has asked of me is to STOP taking her picture and make her more pom-poms. She likes the letters to have all the same color pom-poms.

I am struggling, thinking about next week's sand theme; can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.


shawn said...

Oh! I clicked on the link to what great blog that was. Ha ha. I am pretty forgetful. :) Your pillow looks awesome! I've been feeling a little Christmas-y too, lately... hmmm.

So Smrt said...

Wait, "make pompoms"? Like with yarn? I used to do this as a kid, but I have no idea how to make them that small!

So Smrt said...

OHHHHH. Make as in put velcro on. I get it now. I didn't think you could make homemade ones like that...twisting yarn around cardboard. Remember those?

Gottfredsen said...

great projects. I like the pillow from a placemat idea. That would make really great gifts. I am going to have to remember that thanks.

Bobbie said...

I love the pom pom letter book.. I have never seen anything like that such a great idea

teachingtinytots said...

i posted a little bit ago about pom pom letters but i'm not sure if you ever have been to my blog!

they are great aren't they!

MommySecrets said...

I love the pom pom letters!!

Julie K in Taiwan said...

I'm amazed that you made all those pompoms! Fun soft projects, can't wait to see what you did for sand.