Sunday, September 21, 2008

Laser Tag-Cori's Birthday (part 2)

Well, I think we are finally through with Cori's 11th birthday. She was able to party down with friends this weekend at the new Laser Tag arena that took the place of the roller rink in Soldotna. Going in the building brought back many memories for a lot of us. There have been many a birthdays celebrated there as a skating rink, going back as far as Amber Dawn. Here is the majority of the group, but not all.

Laser tag brought new giggles, laughter and memories. It is a fast paced game that offers a lot of exercise as well as fun. We invited many friends from school and some family friends as well. Since only 14 players can be in the arena at a time we played short free-for-all games that allowed us to alternate players often.The parents joined in occasionally and Grandpa even took Cali through once which was "So fun" she tells me.

I was rather surprised at how much the girls enjoyed this game. I knew Cori did but sometimes she presents herself more like a tomboy; I wasn't expecting as much from her more girly friends. I was wrong. In all their pink, cotton candy smelling, jewelry wearing, hair coiffed glory they shot enemies as well as every other player. It was really fun to see the smaller, supposedly less threatening of the group sneak up on a those cocky little everyday gun slinging boys and end their game without a chance of escape. :) GO LADIES!

In a turn to the unusual, this party was very different in that parents actually got to visit each without screaming and falling over oodles of kids. There were usually only about 3 kids or so out of the arena at any given time so things were pretty quiet...on the outside.

We had a private hour in the arena which gave us opportunity for many games. In between games the kids gorged on sub sandwiches, chips, veggies and the most beautiful platter of fruit you've ever seen. My friend Michelle came through for me like only a best friend would and saved us all from eating day old fruit from the grocery store. I wish I had a picture to show you, it looked like it could have come from a Paula Dean Cookbook showcase.

After we settled our stomachs a little bit we dove into the huge carrot cake cupcake most of the family decorated. It was a low key year in the world of cake decorating; Scott got of easy. It was harder to ice with nuts in the frosting but oh well, it worked and they ate it!

Presents were fun and I was surprised at how they just took over the process themselves. They decided it would be more fun to sit on the floor in a big group and although they were reluctant the boys even moved in eventually.

My favorite gift was the card Cori's best friend Alli made her with items she found at the beach. I am a sucker for all things sentimental and all things smelling of salt water and sand. Some of her favorites were a Limited Too gift card, two photo albums and a new webkin frog.

Two of the boys (it is amazing how they think so alike) wrapped her gift a bazillion times so it took a while to get through the wrap. It was pretty funny but took a long time. Especially when you have to unwrap it carefully because somewhere in the middle is a paper gift certificate that shouldn't be torn.

Wren came through like only the best brother would. He sent his Dad into American Eagle (otherwise know to Wren as the store only guys who think a little differently go into) to get Cori a lovely scarf she has wanted for so long. She showed it to him over a month ago when we were shopping in Anchorage and HE REMEMBERED! True love shows itself in the very best of ways!

We handed out a few quarters to play the video games until the rest of the parents showed up bringing the party to an end. I wish I would have had video because the grunts, squeals and screams were too fun not to share. They all ended up playing this crane trying to win stuffed animals and they had soo much fun. It was a great feeling knowing they aren't quite that grown yet!

And to digress on wonderful brothers a moment, Barry didn't get to come to the party due to other obligations like homecoming. (His girlfriend still lives here) BUT, when we got home we found this on the table.

I really believe he did it on his own accord but just in case he was coerced, I think it is still incredibly special that he took the time to write it! Life is busy when your 16 and live 3 hours from your girlfriend. Weekends home are jam-packed with things to do and time past to make up for, it makes me tear up knowing he still loves her enough to take just a minute.

When your ready, head this way, we'll get our gear on and take aim! We miss all of you and wish you were here.

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