Wednesday, September 17, 2008

11 Extremely fast years go by...

...And my oldest child is now on the road to 12. I can't talk about this too much because I get rather melancholy about the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, I am happy my girl is growing up and that we've had such a wonderful experience getting here. It's simply, thinking about it makes me realize how fast she will be leaving me.

I talked to Scott about it the other day and all he can say is "See, now you know why I don't want her to leave the state to go to college!" I want her to do all that she wants to do but my heart yearns just a bit, for her to stay small a little longer. And...That's all I got to say 'bout that.

On that note (that she is growing up so fast and all), the birthday fairy came to visit again. But before that, I saw this banner here and decided I really wanted to make one for Cori. I spotted some sticky backed letters in Anchorage last weekend and thought they would work out perfect. Cori is really into lime neon green and orange right now so I figured that was the direction I'd go.

Here it is.

I recycled newspaper to make it. And for some reason we all think using the blue with lime green polka dot ribbon helps make it pop. I actually made it the day before her birthday and hung it up that afternoon before she came home from school. She and Cassi both thought it was awesome. I see another tradition coming on. I hung her name over her door.

Cali, seeing me work on this banner, got a little excited about Cori's upcoming celebration and went on a hunt amongst her things to find something she was sure Cori just couldn't live with out. She came up with a lovely little PINK and fluffy box she used to store some tiny tea cups in. And even though Cori DOESN'T do pink or fluffy, she LOVED it.

In fact she giggled the whole time, reading the card and opening the gift. I think it was her first foray into loving another person so much you just want them to feel all the happiness they are searching for inside. Cali was thrilled(just look at that face) that Cori loved her gifts and it was really special for this 'ole mom to watch.

Cori opened Cali's gift and Cassi's too, the night before her birthday. (Cassi got her a memory card for her phone because a girl has to have room for LOTS of songs you know.)

Since Cori has to be to school so early for band, it makes the whole waking up to the birthday fairy thing a little challenging.
What ever, Cori was ready and woke us up early because the fairy had come and she wanted to open presents!!!

Daddy and I ended up getting her the camera she really wanted.

She wants to do more blogging but insisted she needed her own camera to make it easier. I am hoping it turns into another form of art expression for her. She seems rather creative so far and I am hoping to keep her interests in art alive by adding new things all the time.

She got lots of other do-dads too, all of which I think she liked. I bought her a book we'd seen not so long ago. It's called My Feet Aren't Ugly-A Girl's Guide to Loving Yourself from the Inside Out. I think she has so much more confidence than I remember having at her age but just in case, I hope to surround her with positive thoughts. I pray for the best for her; for all of my girls.

I overheard to ladies talking in the grocery store the other day and decided to look into the restaurant they were talking about. Saint Elias Brewery. Strange choice for an 11 year old's birthday, I know, but it is new and that doesn't happen too often around here. It turned out it was a great choice. They cook the pizza in a brick fire oven.

Cali and GiGi were talking with the girl flippin' the pizza and learning all about how to make a pizza.

We took Cori's best friend Alli with us and they and Cassi sat at a table by themselves. See growin' up too fast!

Grandpa came and told Cassi what he got Cori for her birthday so Cori had to get opening.

Have you ever smelled a vanilla scented pillow. Nice really.

We had ice cream cake (don't worry-Cake decorating Daddy will be doing his thing on Saturday when we go play laser tag with her school friends). Cori took a while blowing out her candles one by one. I am thinking she was trying not to spit on it.

We headed home after dinner, it was school night. And now we are looking forward to playing laser tag with friends on Saturday. I am glad she still agrees to invite boys and girls. She has several close friends of both.

Wish you all could be here.
Here is the invite her Dad(I helped just a little) just made for her to pass out tomorrow. What do you think;
will she love it or hate it?

I'll keep you posted. :)

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