Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall is Coming! Fall is Coming!

The last few posts are a little out of order but I really wanted to show you a few things so I am back tracking a bit to catch up.

Last weekend the girls and I took a one day trip to Anchorage. I had been up there the Tuesday night before but I didn't leave until 8:30 pm so I didn't notice all the changes going on.

On Saturday I realized Fall is really coming; to be honest it is HERE! The weather is getting cooler but isn't unbearable. There is a crispness in the air that makes every breath you take feel a little cleaner. We are breaking out our lightweight fleece jackets and relishing in the warm and cozy.

And the leaves are changing. I was so excited about being on the highway with the girls and seeing the multitude of color around us. We don't have as many traditional Autumn tones as there are in the South but we have a vibrant lemon-burst of yellow. Displayed near the never changing spruce, it reminded me of vintage 70's Tupperware. (Come on, most of you remember those green and yellow years.)

When I was around the age of my older girls my mom and step dad would take my brother and I up the road to northern Georgia just to see the leaves change. It was always a fun trip that ended at a park with a waterfall or a small town with an Octoberfest of some kind. I remember walking paths, kicking leaves, hearing the crunch and crackle of so many. We don't really have that opportunity here but we did manage to get lots of photos and spend some time making smoky puffs with our breath along the boardwalk.

We do have reds, as this picture above shows(on the mountain side) but they are often near the ground. There is a small shrub that gets red in the fall but they are so low to the ground they aren't as noticeable.

I stopped several times on our way to Anchorage just to get a couple photos. In Cooper Landing, near the boardwalk we found this little set-up. It was fun playing around with the old prospector.

This tent reminded me of days long past that I am so found of reading about. I've often told the girls I'd like to take them on a wagon train tour. And I love reading to them about the days of the gold rush here in our state. I'd never seen this spot set up like this; I am unsure if it is something new or me just not taking the time to see it before now.

We walked the boardwalk because we always do. It's a good place for my kids to safely run and horse around after being in the car an hour or more.

There is a telescope for better viewing although I always notice more up close than with that thing. It's possible I just don't know how to use it properly therefor can never really see anything in it.

Cassi saw that I had the camera out and took some time to hone her modeling skills. She is also getting ready for the play this year. Do you like her dramatizations?

We left Cooper Landing and didn't get very far before I found my Christmas tree for the upcoming holiday season. This tree just begs for decorations, doesn't it? (The one just across the lake.)

These folks were fishing and I think I made them nervous taking their picture. Dad (or Grandpa) was on the hill where I was planted and didn't look to comfortable with me. I didn't stick around long.
I called Grandma Joanne while I was on the road and told her I hope the leaves hang on until she gets her. (She arrives October 1st) It is such a short season. Its a trip most people visiting Alaska never get to see. I do hope you've enjoyed the ride.

See you soon.

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