Sunday, September 07, 2008

Catching up- The Alaska State Fair

I haven't been able to catch my breath really since school started. I am trying hard but life is just a little busier than I'm used to at the moment. Summer was pretty busy but more by choice than necessity. School time is a little harder for me to accept.

When we were in Anchorage last weekend we made a quick jaunt to the Alaska State Fair. We only make it there every couple years. I think that is enough to tide us over. We went with Alli and her family. Wren went with us too.

After the soccer tournament we stopped by Wren's house so the girls could change out of their soccer clothes and Scott could put on a shirt that would assure we could find him anywhere in the place. There was a glow all around him. It was a warm afternoon/evening with bright sun so he made sure to bring along his hillbilly hat which made finding him all the easier. We just had to listen for the laughter.

We went straight to the farm animals which was a BIG hit with Cali. The big girls thought it was a little stinky. Cali checked out the little chicks. She told me all about them in a very high-pitched voice. It made the story so much clearer.

We found a little bitty goat that made her giggle out loud-repeatedly. I had more fun watching her than I did the goat! She wanted me to buy him! : ) And honestly I would have done it!

After seeing all the cows (all of being meat eaters) we made our way to the FOOD! Man, the stuff is pure garbage but it is so worth it. Maybe that's also why we only allow ourselves to go every other year or so.

Following the heart attack on a stick we made our way to the rides; makes sense right? We stuck to some fairly simple stuff since my girls aren't real daredevils and neither is Wren!

They wanted to ride this kite ride that is much like a hang glider that travels in a circle going up and down. Cori and Wren were a little uncertain however so I told them I'd ride with them. The line was long so that made it longer to think about and more time to get nervous. And that is what happened.

As we were standing there Wren says to me, "Hey, what is that thing people do" and he motions his hand across his chest. I grew up catholic didn't take me long to figure out what he was talking about. I asked him if he meant The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. He did! When it was our turn, I looked over at him and sure enough, he wasn't taking any chances. : ) Man, That boy makes me smile every time we are together!

I don't have any photos of us on the ride since I was on it and Scott didn't think to take any but it was fun. Wren got a little adrenaline in his system because he was ready to stand in that 45 minute line all over again. He said, "that was awesome! Let's go again!"

The kids rode the Jerk-you-to-heck-and-back roller coaster too. Michelle (Alli's mom) rode with the kids this time. That is her in the front with Wren, Cori is with Alli two seats behind them and Cassi and Cait are behind Alli and Cori.

All the kids also went on the big slide.

Scott took Cali up. She started out walking up the stairs on her own but the higher she got the slower she walked. About the last third of the way Scott had t carry her. She insisted they should just walk back down. He forced her to go down the slide because there was now way to force themselves past the other riders. She survived it and by the time she got to the bottom she even had a smile on her face.

Here is one crummy little scenery photo. I just wanted you to see the back drop of our fair. Nice huh?

We didn't leave until nearly 11:00 and we were all exhausted but it was a grand 'ole time!

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