Sunday, August 24, 2008

CAB 12

Happy Birthday to Wren. Can you believe he is 12 years old? Yeah, me either.

In true Holly fashion, Wren had a most awesome birthday party on Saturday. It was likely the longest birthday party I've attended too! The official theme this year...Road Rally. Basically, it was a road trip through 3 towns to complete several tasks and dramatize a few things.

It was incredibly fun and certainly took a lot of thought and creativity on Holly's part. There were 5 teams that had to find boxes at 6 locations, each leading to the next.

Each destination incorporated things and people important to Wren's life. We ate donuts, bought postcards at the visitor center, left missing you messages for
Amber and we even had the chance the talk to Aunt Terrel in California. Each team was required to creatively document each destination. We were also all tested with dramatizing soccer, newspaper and the Dallas Cowboys. Lastly we all had to search for vanity plates that might represent a birthday or living wonderfully.

My team consisted of 3 boys, none of my own. :) I thought we were so ahead of the curve in creativity but was I wrong. There was a lot of effort put into the challenges and I was truly surprised at the end results.

Some highlights of the day:
Scott, Cassi and Cali's team which also included Gretta, Jodi and her son Andreas interviewed a stranger at the local Saturday market. Check out the littlest newspaper reporter.

Tony, a friend, had Wren, Aidan and Nolan on his team. They found a fabulous STAR to photograph their team standing in front of. Go Dallas Cowboys! An idea that no other team replicated in any way.

The Teenager team of which included Barry, AJ, Casey and Brady had Brady jump a fence to take a photo with horses and cows for the Cowboy dramatization.

Rocky, Cori, Heidi and Bridger's team made the funniest video (Which won first place) that incorporated all 3 dramatizations. (I am working on getting this posted.)

It's a little long (because I didn't know how to shorten it)but it is worth watching for a short time anyway. Listen for Rocky's wonderful accent and several snafu's from the kids. It was pretty funny and Rocky's embarrassment, while showing the video at the party, was classic.

And lastly,Me and my team of Isaac, Baxter and Harabolos chased down a taxi (CAB 12) to take a photo of the tag. No, the cops weren't called but the hungover customer was none too pleased that we were chasing him through the streets of Old Town.

Now can any of you possibly guess why we chose CAB 12 to demonstrate a birthday or living wonderfully? I think, had there been a prize for the Vanity Plate challenge alone, we should have won!

CAB 12= Celebrate A Birthday 12- How great is that!!!

My team also offered some extra credit by taking a photo of the final destination. The clue: This Album-

This is where we ended up.

All of the documentations were judged as well as the dramatizations. Part of what made the whole thing hysterical to me was the effort put forth by all to sell ones team and convince everyone else why it was the best. (We are definitely a competitive bunch!)And even though the judges didn't get to participate in the rally (they came only to judge the end results) they had a great time too! It was evident in the laughter in the room and the grins on all.

Anyway, it was a fantastic day and I can certainly give you more details if any of you are interested in throwing your own Road Rally party. I am hoping to do another one sometime, maybe for no reason at all except that is was fun! There was a wide age group that participated and I am certain everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

Here is a picture(or 3) of the birthday boy looking fabulously entertaining as every birthday boy should look.

All birthdays should be so fun.


shawn said...

Wow! I probably need to read a bit further back in your blog to figure out who all the people are... but man, what a fun party! Whoever Holly is - great job!

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

For just about the first 5 years of Wren's life, he was with our family week-on, week-off, all day while his Mom and Dad worked. I guess one might say I was much like his Nanny. I also ran a daycare for years before he was born in which I was very close with his older brother, Barry. He is also a wonderful boy,(young man) and I love him dearly as well.
My oldest two girls grew up believing they had a brother who left every other week. :) Their family and ours are as close as the closest of families and I am sure they will always be a part of our lives. Up until this year Wren stayed with us after school and on weekends frequently. I never had boys so they are essentially the sons I never had. I love him and Barry more than I likely could ever express.