Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...It's Off To School We Go

I'm sitting here in front of my computer trying to figure out a way to say happy things about today and I am struggling. There is change in the air and it makes me a little sad.

Amber is leaving for college in the morning. Cori and Cassi started back to school today. Cori wants so much to fit in and be liked by everyone. She is in a 5/6 split class this year and I think it is a little intimidating for her.

Cassi has a male teacher this year. It is the first time she hasn't known her teacher previously. All of the teachers she has had in the past, she knew through Cori first. She is excited but unsure since she doesn't have the prior relationship to fall back on.

Also, my little man (who is now a big guy) Wren has moved to Anchorage and will attend school there. He will come back on weekends and holidays but I am going to miss having him around.

On that note, Cali and I are going to focus on trying new things. I hope to have somewhat of a preschool-like schedule for her at home. I don't really want to enroll her this year since she has two years before she will leave for kindergarten. It was so tough on Cori to have her friends leave her behind for kindergarten that I don't want to repeat that mistake with Cali.

We have high hopes for learning this year however. I think she is a fairly smart little girl and she will likely be way ahead of the game come kindergarten if she keeps going like she is. It will be a challenge to keep her learning this year which is exactly what we both need.

Now, in order to make you smile (and me too!)take a look at these pictures. Cori and Cassi were really excited about their new school clothes. Agonizing time was spent picking out exactly what they should wear for their first day. Finally, everyone made their final decisions.

Last night I spent a couple hours clearing weeds from my pond space so we'd have a backgroud for pictures this morning. I prefer outside pictures as my house is busy. The girls have worked on several outside, pond area projects this summer so it seemed like the perfect place.

They both were quite animated in their picture posing.

Here Cassi reminds me of "That Girl". I think she is the sweetest looking little girl.

Cori reminds me of a mini teenager although she isn't even 11...yet. She also seems to have lost all her baby fat and looks way too skinny.

Cali has grown 3 inches, apparently overnight while I was sleeping. She has been waiting several weeks to wear her first day of school dress and I am thinking we may have waited too long.

If looking at these pictures makes any of you feel a little empty inside, longing for days past, fear not, you aren't alone.

It's cliche'-ish but it is all going by too fast for my liking. I am hanging on as long as I can but the reality is, they are pulling away, leaving me grasping. I am grateful though! They are confident and unafraid. They are greeting the future with anticipation and joy which is all I could ever ask for.

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shawn said...

So sweet. Your family is gorgeous! It does go by all too fast, doesn't it?