Saturday, January 29, 2011

amongst friends #65


I thought it was bit funny that I had a hard time thinking of what I wanted to photograph for ‘cold’ being that I live in ALASKA!  But I did struggle. It may have been simply that it wasn’t my most creative week. It may be that I am so sick of cold at the moment and am in a bit of a winter-funk. Whatever it may be, I’m grateful to be moving on and one week closer to some warmer weather and some round the clock sunshine. 

Even though it’s cold here, it doesn’t stop my children from enjoying smoothies. This was a drive-through bought one. I’d much prefer they drink the ones I make at home but this one sure looked cute!

Jenny visited the beach on an apparently cold day, as there was no one there.

Justin is heading the wrong direction to avoid the cold. His picture was taken on his way to Pittsburgh, to visit his Father, at a pit-stop in West Virginia.

Debbie’s included this story with her picture- “First frost of the year always seems the coldest because I'm just not ever ready for winter to be knocking at my door!  I dreaded going out to start my car so I bundled up in a huge blanket, threw on my husband's sneakers and shuffled out to the car grumbling... It took several tries to open the car door because it had frozen shut and I was still trying desperately to hold the blanket closed (so the cold air wouldn't 'get me') with my other hand!  Still grumbling, I fumbled for the keys and started the car.  I looked up at the window and the beauty of the pattern of the frost on the windshield took my breath away.  I ran into the house, grabbed the camera and took a picture.  It was still cold and I was still unhappy about it, but at least I had a shot of the amazing work of art left on my window.  :) ”

Kelly said we should all try some of this Exotic Fruit Medley Sherbet sometime. It’s a mixture of Marula, Red Blush Orange and Cactus Pear flavors and she says it’s a staple item in her freezer. It sounds like some crazy flavors to me but I’m gonna look for some.

I really like this picture Janice sent in of her co-worker Jane Faulkner.  Jane is an RN in the local ER and she also ran the Iditarod last year. Rain, shine, cold or freezing she is out with her dogs.

Sheila sent in a picture of the refrigerator in the Pastoral Office at her church. She says she went into the freezer and to her surprise this is what she found. She said, “This is what I call a cold mess!”

Jocelyn sent in a sweet picture stating there is nothing like an ice cold Popsicle on a hot day. Growing up as a kid in Florida, I remember my mom sending us outside to have Popsicles too! :)

Sandy said her snow is already gone where she lives in the U.K. and the daffodils are poking up out of the soil.  She said they might get the odd bit of snow but nothing much so she looked in the freezer and decided to snap a picture of these shaped ice cubes. The first thing I thought of when I saw these is that Cali would love to play with some colored versions of these!

Rayma sent in a picture of Tessy, who loves the snow.

Jerri took this quirky picture of an ice machine. There is something about the colors in this photo; I just like it.

Linda sent in a cute photo of her little man Jimmy playing in the snow.

Stacie submitted a picture of what she calls ‘her poor little rocking chair’ collecting snow. She says it is way too cold outside to even try to enjoy anything outdoors. She said she is over it and ready for warm sunshine. I want to feel sorry for her, I really do. LOL

I happen to know Karen recently spent a few days at the beach. Her picture is a cold beer she enjoyed after taking her picture. Some weeks I don’t think I like all the photo submissions!  I’m just kidding; she knows how jealous I am!

Mady said her picture is of her sister Keston, wrapped up in what Mady calls her Mrs. Weasley scarf.  She said Keston has been sick off and on for the last few weeks and putting her personal clothes on Keston wasn’t the brightest idea, but she seems to be getting much better.  Keston, I hope you are feeling better and one day you are going to have so much fun getting your big sister to take the cutest pictures of you!

Renee’ sent a picture of ice on her windshield.  She said, “Yeah, it gets that cold in Florida.”  I remember how cold it felt living there. The cold is a wet cold and it cuts like a knife.

Scott’s picture is living proof of the cold we deal with in Alaska.  . He sent a self-portrait. It was 39 below on the day he took this photo. I asked him if it was messy as his beard thawed. He said “not really but it cools your coffee quickly.”  He looks amazing good in this picture because had it been me, I am sure my face would have been scrunched up in anguish!  I am curious as to what he will find to photograph for fruit this week. In the village he is in, I am wondering if they can even get fresh fruit there. We’ll see.

Mady’s Momma commented the other day that it might make the most sense to give myself a deadline of posting the collage by the time the next one is due. I think I am going with it. It has always been my hope to get them posted by Sunday night or Monday afternoon at the latest but we have several contributors that often struggle to get them to me by then. Once my week begins it starts to go downhill.  And by Tuesday, my schedule is a hectic mess of shuttling one girl or another to one place or three. It doesn’t slow down again until Friday night. So, my new goal is to get the collage up as soon as possible but no later than Saturday night. I would still like all photos sent by Sunday night. If you can’t get it to me, be sure to let me know you will be sending something so I don’t post without you.  :)

This coming week, the theme is Fruit and after that comes Heritage, Recycle, and then Love.  I am excited about the coming themes. How about you?  If you've never joined in and would like to, please do. We’d love to have you.  I think once you give it a try, you’ll find you like it. I know I enjoy searching for my weekly contributions. And I love seeing everyone’s ideas and visions.  I’m looking forward to your fruity pictures this week.  Cheers!

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