Monday, February 07, 2011

amongst friends #66


Did you expect everyone to have a picture of actual fruit this week or were you
wondering who would think of something different?  I think I expected there would be a few different submissions but early on I just wasn’t sure what they would be.

As the photos started trickling in, I starting thinking everyone would send in an actual fruit photo. Keep in mind; I didn’t get my own picture until late in the week.

I think Debbie beat everyone and sent her photo in first. She said, “ I think this is mengkudu and it's used medicinally.  I don't know what the English word is for the fruit.  Ugly or not, this was my son's first look at real fruit growing on a real tree taken in a friend's yard in Hawaii.”  I looked it up and it sounds quite beneficial, I will have to look for some when we are there. J

Sandy sent her photo in quite early, as usual, too. She said her favorite fruit is nectarine. She said they are out of season currently and the one in the photo is a bit dry but it was still good on toast!  I have never eaten fruit on toast and now I want to try it.

Mady sent her photo with the cutest description. Here is what she said;
 “I took this photo in our local grocery store, where the conversation was as follows:

Me: Keston, will you hold this pineapple?
Keston: Pineapples are poky! Can I hold a cucumber?
Me: No, cucumbers aren't fruit.
Keston: Can I hold an orange?
Me: Nope.
Keston (loud enough that people around us turn around and stare): SO ORANGES AREN'T FRUIT?!
 Luckily, she held the pineapple for me after that.

I have one daughter quite a bit younger than the other two and I can totally see this happening to me on any given day!

I stumbled onto my picture while having a snack. I don’t eat cereal for breakfast but occasionally I will get into the kids’ cereal and have a bowl for snacking. When I started pouring it I realized I was eating fruit loops and the light bulb came on. We always have these on hand, for eating, snacking, stringing, and any other thing we can think of, like photos. :)

Jerri’s photo came with this description:
Tangerine tree in my back yard. Oh my, we have so much sunshine; oops there is an apple, banana and a navel orange. 
When I read I wondered what in the heck she was talking about, then I noticed them. J
I wish we had some of that sunshine right now and I really wish I had a tangerine-apple-banana-orange tree!

I had to work for Karen’s picture. And yes, I now know they are considered fruit.
When I googled, is a peanut a fruit, I found this; Peanuts are loosely classified as a fruit because it is a fruit of the plant it comes from. So there you go!

Sheila’s picture caused me a double take as well. She said, “Here is a picture of stuffed fruit at Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts and Humanities. The pic was taken in the Cracker Barrel in Eastonville, Fl.” They sure are cute but I think they look like onions. Still, we will call it good! J

Kelly sent in a picture of a bowl of cherries.  Life’s a bit like that…right? Don’t make it too serious…Look it up!

Jenny sent a picture of mangos and said they are her favorite.

Renee sent in Fruit of the Loom. I had to chuckle because I was talking to Kelly one day on the way into Wal-mart and she asked me if I was there to get my fruit picture…as in Fruit of the Loom. And lo and behold, someone did in fact get it!

Jocelyn’s said she’s been enjoying some Plant City strawberries. I happen to know the Plant City Strawberry festival is coming soon and I am jealous. I don’t think there was ever a year I lived in Florida that I missed it. No strawberries could be better than the ones from Plant City. Yummm!

Rayma sent a picture of a pie plate from my Grandma’s house. I wish I could see the whole thing. It looks darling!

I adore Janice’s photo, of course the kids always make me smile, and she has the perfect model.  I think I will dig out our apple peeler thingy, and see if we can make some of those.

Awww, look at Stacie’s picture…She said “Well here's my pic of my fruit bowl, which I just filled today ;) The special thing about the pic is that the bowl that its in was a wedding gift from Uncle Butch and the family...Lets say it together "awwwww"  lol, love that bowl, been with us for almost 9 yrs yay!

Stacie, I love it because it’s from family and I love it because it’s wood!! 

So we are obviously onto the next theme already. It is Heritage. After that which is technically what you should be photographing now is RECYCLE, then we will do LOVE. From there we are starting something new. HERE IT IS- We are going to do another run through the alphabet rather than themes. It will be easier for some, possibly harder for others. I am hoping it will be easier for everyone though. It is essentially open ended. Connect in any way you can to the letter of the week. We have done this once before and it is very interesting because there can and usually is such a range of photos.  Please take a minute to look at my blog under the amongst friends category
If you go back to nearly the beginning (Did you know we’ve been doing this over a year) you will see some of the collages.  Feel free to peruse to get some ideas.

I will try to catch up early this week on Heritage so if you haven’t sent me your photo, do it soon. I’d like RECYCLE by next Sunday, Monday at the latest. Sorry I am so late this week, we were out of town for several days and Cassi had a fairly serious injury (that is thankfully all better now) preceding that. Thanks for working with me. Now get me those Heritage photos and I will check in soon.



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