Thursday, February 24, 2011

amongst friends #68


With it being a short turn around, we don’t have nearly the submissions we usually do. I have heard some folks struggled with the theme also.

It came easy for me and there were quite a few things I could photograph. I often find ways to re-purpose trash in order to recycle it and keep it out of the landfill. In fact it has become habit for my children to look at most everything they throw away and question whether or not they can use it again. J I can only hope I am not creating future hoarders.

My picture is of the first magazine bowl I ever made and three others that are in different stages of creation. I try to fold entire magazines as I read them but currently the magazines are winning and I’ve got a lot of folding to do. They are quite unique and useful. I recently gave one away as a gift and she loved it!

Sandy sent in a picture of what we would likely call trashcans. I am including her entire description as I think it gives a little detail about her country and the popularity of recycling. She said “Where we live, the 'dustbin men' come round with the 'dust cart' to collect
the rubbish once week. A few years ago, they changed it to one week is
regular rubbish which goes in the green bin, and then next week is
recyclable rubbish, which goes in the blue bin. We used to have small green
boxes for recycling, but the idea was so successful, they had to do larger
bins for recycling. We collect the stuff indoors in the green boxes in
between collections. Different towns have a different colour set of bins.

This photo is of my neighbour's house because she also has the brown bin
which is for garden rubbish - like grass clippings or compostables - like
vegetable peelings. (We have a compost bin in the back garden instead. we
call it the 'Dalek' because we think it looks like a dalek.) Needless to
say, when all these bins are sitting in front of the houses it sort of
spoils the look a bit!
A lot of people have built trellises with ivy to hide them behind. We have
our green one hidden like that, but we have room behind the back fence where
we keep the blue one.

Jerri's picture reminded me of the days, when I was young, that we collected aluminum cans in order to make spending money. We always compacted them to fit more in the trash bag.

Karen sent in a picture of her recycling bin as did Jocelyn.

Jenny said she recycles by shredding then using the paper for packing material. I think it’s a pretty great plan as long as no one can get important information from it. J

Sheila took a picture of the toner-recycling box at the copy center she works in.

Kelly took a picture of the cabinet doors she is saving for me. I am convinced I will be able to make something from them and she loves me so much she is willing to hang on to them. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can re-purpose them?

Mady said she didn’t have much inspiration for this theme but so she rummaged around her recycling bin until she found this soup can from dinner. This picture looks vintage and could only be better if there was a picture of a little girl and boy on the front. J Does anyone remember them or am I showing my age?

Debbie had a great story with her picture. Here it is- “Most enjoyable recycle project ever! This is one of our moosehide drums. The drumsticks are used fish net floats and misc. sticks that we found, the drum head is moosehide from donated roadkill, the shell is downed cottonwood. We have several of these drums and they have brought us much joy. When we made the first couple of drums, we decided that we would give them to friends on the condition that they bring them to a gathering of the drums twice a year. Randomly, we started our solstice tradition. The drums bring us all together. We've used these drums in community gatherings as well. We've played at festivals, dance shows, theater productions, charities, fundraisers, and the latest gathering of our drums will be in the Kenai Performers production of Peter Pan. This recycle project has brought much joy to the entire community. They hold a special quality of bringing family/friends/community together. “

I would love to try and make a drum like that (unless of course someone wants to make me one) J We have enough hides around here to make a few. I may have to pick your brain Debbie. That is recycling at it’s finest!

So has anyone given much thought to his or her LOVE photo? I have several things in mind and am excited to make a decision. Cali even has a picture for this upcoming theme. Remember that after LOVE we will begin using the alphabet for our weekly theme, starting with the letter “A”. I’m looking forward to it. I think most often it will be easier but will take some thought ahead of time. So engage your brains because “A” is coming quickly.

Love pictures are due Sunday Morning and hopefully everyone will get back on track soon. I already have a few turned in; I think we are getting there. Here’s hoping the rest of your week is filled with love and so much more!


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Sandy said...

I wasn't sure about the whole story, but it does help to give the idea to people who don't know the background. Plus, I don't know just what is 'normal' over there anymore either.

The green recycling bins we use indoors are like the ones the ladies from Florida posted.
Sandy in the UK