Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thinking...'Bout my Favorites.

Did you know I rarely listen to music anymore?  Most often songs remind me of a memory and that makes me sad or melancholy. I don't like things that make me feel that way so I just avoid music. Now I can listen to music with my kids, the happy kind and be happy and that is good. But when they aren't with me, well then I'm thinking about them being away from me. See, viscous cycle. (For the record, I don't watch sappy movies either.)

The other day I was listening to something on the internet and started thinking about favorite songs. I need to get past this 'music makes me sad' thing so I decided to share a song with you, and then you share one with me. See how it works?  Who knows, we might find some new favorites. And in the meantime, I'm gonna dig up some tunes that I used to love (and a few I like now) and embrace it!

Here is my first one. One of my all time favorites and while it makes me long for the past a little, if I crank it real loud, and sing real loud too... It makes me smile. 

I sums me up in a nut shell. Now tell me one of your favorites. I'm gonna look it up!

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Sandy said...

at the moment, this is one of my favourites. I only just saw the video though when I went to see if there was a link to put here.
It is interesting that the video relates to the family theme you were thinking about. But I think the song is quite cheerful.
Sara Groves - Setting up the Pins


I love Fireflies by Owl City as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psuRGfAaju4 (there is an unrelated advert at the beginning)

Sandy in the UK
I generally listen to a Christian radio station I recently found. We only had one or two which could only be heard if you were very near because they were never given license for national. but with Digital radio now, there is a very good one. Actually, that is where I heard the 2 song above.