Wednesday, January 12, 2011

amongst friends #63

You really MUST do yourself a favor and click this photo twice. There are some details you won't want to miss!

Did anyone actually look up the definition for Critter?

The Free Dictionary has this-
1. A living creature.
2. A domestic animal, especially a cow, horse, or mule.
3. A person.

I must say I was a little curious at the beginning of the week as to what we would see t his week. I was in no way prepared for the eclectic group of photos we received.

There were many struggles this week, both in picture taking and delivering, which would be my excuse for this ever-late posting.

The funniest story goes to Rayma.  She actually doesn’t even have a picture this week, when I asked if she was sending one she sent this explanation. It was too cute not to tell. She wrote “I had an opportunity to take a picture of a squirrel crossing sign but I forgot after the policeman stopped me and scolded me for not using my turn signal in his town…said if I was from there I would’ve gotten a ticket…I was trying to find the original diner that made fried pickles popular J so to answer your question, probably not.  (We hope you avoid the cops this week and find something relaxing to photograph!)

The saddest story goes to Debbie who ended up in the hospital Friday night (thanks to her smart and loving husband) with appendicitis. Fortunately they removed it in time and she is on the mend.  Honestly, I didn’t even ask her for a photo and rightly should have as I KNOW she has some cool animal pictures, but…I was afraid I would cause her to be doing thing she shouldn’t be. So, on that note, Debbie, I hope you are feeling better and we will look for another awesome photo from you this week.

Now, even though we are flirting with next week’s deadline and mulling our way through one dilemma after another, I must say, this collage will go on the books as a favorite for me. There are some really cool pictures here you flat out don’t see everyday.

I will start with Renee’s because it arrived in my inbox first.  She found this little pug abandoned. In her words, she was in the right place at the right time. I am guessing that pug is saying the same thing! I know how much my Aunt loves her 4-legged friends and I am certain this vision-challenged, partially deaf little fellow will be forever loved.

Jenny’s came next with the description, my critters or as I like to call it, my pet cemetery.
I received this picture via Kelly and when we chatted, we agree, it seems unusual that Jenny has such a collection. J I would love to know how she ended up with them.

Justin’s picture was probably the one that showed up next. It is crazy cool if you ask me. But what is even crazier is that he bent down to take that picture. And what is craziest yet is that his girlfriend had the job of holding the Rubbermaid container while he did it. Can you just imagine if that thing went nuts while he took the picture?  I am not sure I could have reacted fast enough to close the container over it. In fact, if that had flown in my house, I would have been outside, certainly not inside taking a photo!

Mady’s picture came next. Isn’t it sweet? See, I told you she takes cool pictures!  She said this is her pet rabbit, Beau.  She and her sister each have Jersey Wooly rabbits, and she says from most angles they just look like balls of fluff. According to Mady, Beau is a bit of a spaz and freaks out about most anything. She says it’s a miracle he stayed still long enough to get this shot.  I think he looks adorable and I would defiantly let him in my house!

Jerri took her critter picture outside her Mom’s house. I am wondering if they are friendly.  They are very tropical looking and remind me so much of Florida!

Sheila’s picture is by far the most creative take on our theme. I love this picture and I can’t even imagine where she found these. If these were just hanging around in her stuff, I would love to see what other vintage things she has. I haven’t seen pet rocks in a long time!

Kelly’s picture is another crazy one. I was with her when she was making eyes at this grasshopper. While they are quite pretty to photograph, they have way too much jump in them for me to ever get that close!

Sandy’s spider picture is really cool. You really have to double click (or go to my blog if you are viewing this on facebook) to see how beautiful this spider is. I would have liked getting photos of her. I know you are scratching your head about now but I do have a fascination with spiders and many of them are quite lovely. I think because they do so many great things in the way of controlling other bad insects, they don’t bother me. Go figure. Great picture Sandy!

My picture is the one I felt fit this theme the least but I couldn’t find the picture of my awesomely cool cat I wanted to use and I ran out of time. So, I used this moose picture because you rarely have the opportunity to get moose pictures like I did the day I took these. Besides, even though she is a big one, she is still a critter.

Janice sent this funny little ditty with her picture. 3 Ling Cod,,, 3 Ling cod,,,  see how they swim,,,  J
She said her daughter and husband caught these this past summer while fishing in Seward, AK. She also said they are some strange looking…but great tasting little critters.

Jocelyn said this was ‘all she had’ for critter. I am thinking it’s pretty darn cool. I am wondering where it was taken. When I first saw it I couldn’t help but be amazed she was able to catch such a shot. It wasn’t until tonight that I realized it might have been at a sanctuary or zoo. So Jocelyn…?

I saved Karen’s for last because she and I had actually discussed the definition for critter.  She wasn’t really sure what she would send in.  Because I can see the date on the photo I know when she took it. Talk about right place, right time.
I love everything about this picture. I really do. In fact, I think I am going to frame it and hang it on my wall in my ocean bathroom. I can do that ‘cause she’s my Aunt and I know she won’t mind.

So what do you think about this week’s photos? Sometime soon, I like to hear your thoughts. It’s part of what I love about amongst friends; the stories behind the photos- the thoughts about them. So if you have time, leave a comment, let me know. And for those of you who aren’t joining in yet but are thinking about it. Please do. We’d love to see your perspective too!

Next week is relaxation ( 3 days from now really!). Then we have cold, fruit and heritage. Now get busy!

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<3 you Christie
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