Friday, January 21, 2011

amongst friends #64


Well, I have yet again, increased my tardiness in posting. Pretty soon, I will be posting two at a time. L I’ve got some work to do on this computer evidently. Each time I think I’ve got my problems solved, I find out how wrong I am. Grrr. Technically I wasn’t able to start working on it until Wednesday so I guess I am only two days in. Thanks goodness Kelly was able to get the collage created.

Did you expect when you heard this theme that so many people would send pictures of pets? I think, based on the photos we have this week, we all have a few things to learn from our four-legged furry friends.

Of course that may not include the children, I think they have it down pat.
Say hello to out newcomer Linda. She sent in a picture of her little man and he is by far the most relaxed of anyone or anything I’ve seen this week. I’d say if you can sleep on the arm of the couch you seriously have no worries. We are glad you are here Linda. Great picture! **I forgot to include that Linda lives in Kansas. I'll get that right next time. :)

Renee said Red (her big guy) was enjoying the Florida sunshine after the long cold snap. Apparently, they were in the 30’s most of the week.

I am feeling her pain (maybe a little more). We hit 27 below this past week. The girls and I spent a lot of time keeping our fire burning! When it gets that cold, a fire is not only relaxing it is comforting and almost necessary!

It seems Jenny had the same idea we did and while I’m not sure how low their temps got in Alabama, I know a cozy night by the fire is relaxing at almost any winter temps!

Kelly said she likes to do Sodoku puzzles to relax. She said she’s been doing them for years but hasn’t managed to pass the medium level.

Rayma said this is Baby Girls’ day EVERYDAY. Relaxing! See, I’m telling you; we all have to learn from this!

Jocelyn’s picture is very sweet. It was taken 2 years ago on their family vacation. She said “ I always find it relaxing under an umbrella at the beach listening to the ocean, with the cool ocean-breeze blowing.”

Sandy’s says she wishes she could relax with as much abandonment as Pepper, her dog. Sandy, I wish I could too!

Janice said her most favorite way to relax is on the beach in Maui. Playing, swimming, beach combing, sitting......From sunrise, to sunset. This picture reminds me of a painting. I love it!

Jerri's picture is of her tub at home. I think if I had a tub like that I would have to be drug out of it.

Karen had a relaxing lunch at the Crab Shack on Gandy. Did you know I used to live in Florida? Something about this picture makes me miss it so much.

Stacie sent in a beautiful picture also. It was taken at Center Hill Lake in Tennessee. She took it when it was warmer and said she and John spend all their time there when the weather is good. They love it there!

John sent in a picture of Oz. He is relaxing in his hoodie. He says Oz was exhausted that day, most likely after visiting his Mom and Dad’s house and hanging out with all their dogs. This is usually the end result after a visit.

Mady says her idea of relaxation involves pajamas, new books, and lots of tea. She says she is looking forward to reading some Lewis Carroll (: I really like close-up shots. And I loved this idea. Great job Mady!

Sheila sent in a picture of her mom with Yoshi and Violet relaxing after her Mom’s eye surgery. They are kissing because her Mom is feeling better. Sheila, I love this photo. It is a sweet photo of your momma!

Justin and Obi (his dog) went to spend the weekend with his Mother in Sarasota and Obi seemed to claim his Mother's Steelers blanket as his own. He looks pretty relaxed!

I mention Debbie’s picture last because I love the story behind it. If you know me well, you first know I love a good story. And you would also be well aware that I have a intense fascination for the history and stories of my elders.

Here is what Debbie had to say. "This is my dearest friend Stan. I've been going out to the homestead to visit him every Sunday for over 13 years. He went to Harvard and got a geology degree, was a pilot in the army in the 30's, a pioneer of our state- came up here in the 40's because he'd always wanted to see Alaska so he listed Alaska as his home state when he enlisted!, opened the first burger/sundae shop in Nome, was a prospector in the Brooks Range, an engineer in the army corps of engineers in Fairbanks, moved to Kenai and opened up Kenai Corners, a building supply shop where Paridosos now stands, ran a greenhouse on Strawberry road, was borough Mayor, and on and on. He said everything he'd ever done, he'd never tried before and to not ever let that stop you. Enjoy every minute. Don't ever get old. And most importantly, RELAX it'll still be there 10 min from now! This is Stan, taking in the last remaining rays of warm sunshine this fall, enjoying every minute :)

So, now having 2 ½ days to get your pictures in, hopefully you kept up from last week and remembered this week’s theme was COLD. Next week is FRUIT and after that we have HERITAGE. Let’s get snapping! J And thanks for sticking with me through my never-ending delays.


Mady's mama :) said...

Wow, that photo of Debbie's caught my eye even before reading the post. It is contest worthy, really. Really, really striking composition!
All the photos are great, I've enjoyed checking in to see them each week.
Christie, what about just giving yourself sdome grace and having the post up the following Sunday after you get the photos anyway? Not that I have anything whatsoever to do with it, but just a few hours turnaround time seems kind of stressful! Regardless, I think it's all lovely!

Christie said...

Mady's Momma, :)

Being that it is now Friday; it may very well be a great idea! LOL