Tuesday, January 04, 2011

amongst friends #62


Well, this would be my second try writing a little about our Celebration collage this week. In fact, if I make it through this, I may just do a celebratory happy dance myself!  J

I had every intention of getting this done earlier this evening when I realized that I couldn’t edit the collage. You see, my computer is broke again! I am currently using Cori’s. Well now I’m not but I was at the time. Anyway, you are getting the picture I’m sure. 

I worked on my computer a bit more tonight and decided to give it a go. So far so good. (Of course, like I said, this is my second attempt.)

We still have several people out this week although some of them have changed. I am hoping everyone gets back around to it soon.  We also added a new player this week. Welcome Mady. She is only 15. She is a fabulous photographer (I’ve seen many photos on her Mom’s blog) and I think you will enjoy her pictures. She is also about to embark on a 365-photo project, which is journaling, a photo a day for one year. Good luck Mady and we are glad you are here!  

Mady’s picture this week is one of their many vintage Shiny Brite ornaments, retired to the Rubber-maid bins today until next Christmas.  It's a beautiful photo and I am incredibly jealous you have your Christmas things put away already!  :)

Kelly said her photo was the best she could do. She fell asleep on the couch with her dog who was deathly afraid of all the fireworks in the neighborhood. They woke up at 11:55pm, just in time to take a picture of the TV with the ball dropping at 12:00.

Justin said he celebrated a nice quiet New Year with some Family Guy and Bacardi.

When Karen’s photo arrived in my email I may have spewed a little coffee on my computer screen as I teared up from laughter. She said “This is how old people celebrate!”

Jerri’s New Year display is cute. I hope it was fun!

Stacie said her photo is she and her husband with friends toasting the New Year at the midnight hour.  I like this one!

I always enjoy the lovely comments Debbie includes with her photos. For this one, she said “Each glass for every one of us is a joyful celebration of the coming new year.  Here's to 2011, we raise our glass to you!”

I found Sheila’s comment super sweet as well. She said, “This is a picture of my mother at her 80th birthday party. She is celebrating with her grandsons Erine, Markus and Erine's wife Brooke. I am still celebrating because she will be 82 on January 5, 2011.”   Sheila I hope you are celebrating this day for a long time to come!

Jocelyn sent us a photo of what she called one of the best celebrations of her life! Her wedding day! I didn’t think of this when I was considering my photo but I have to agree, a definite day of celebration not to be outdone by many.

Jenny took her picture before she started the celebration!

And my picture, well it’s the after-math of our annual New Year’s Celebration. And I must say it’s the cleanest the house has ever been following the confetti explosion. There is usually a barrage of silly string as well. I got lucky this year!

Rayma's picture is of her husband Mike. She says he loves Tennessee!  Maybe it was a winning season!

Sandy's photo is a Christmas time photo- Celebrating family! 

Well, that ties up our Celebration collage however my wish for all of you this year-2011 is that it brings you many, many reasons to celebrate. Keep you heart and eyes open and I am sure you will find occasions to cheer all year long!

Next week the theme is Critters. Keep your camera handy and start clicking. I can’t wait to see what you find.  After that we have relaxation, cold, then  fruit.



shawn said...

Thaks for letting Mady join in! It's a great challenge for her, and one of her goals for the year is to submit more photos and writings, so she's off to a great start!
Happy New Year Christie!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Sure hope 2011 is wonderful to your family, Christie! XO!