Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who needs fine food when there's McD's

Cali's McD's party was great. She was happy which means everyone is happy.
I ordered her a little cake from the grocery. She heard me talking to them and changed the order. She was clear that she wanted a flat cake with Dora, Boots AND Swiper. She has been meandering through the bakery a lot lately; now I know why.
I also told them to make it primarily red and yellow. It turned out super cute.

Rocky and Wren came by as did Grandpa, GiGi, A.J. and Amber. Cori brought Grace.

Cali was given lots of great presents; girly makeup, a great purse with lots of pockets, a cool Dora lunchbox to take goodies in when we go on trips, some candy from Scotland and a MAILBOX. She fell in love with the mailbox and has been playing with it ever since. I am a little disappointed in it as the backside of the key broke and so did the back door. I am thinking about taking it back to the home school store and seeing what they say. Otherwise I guess Super Daddy is going to have to work some magic with the wood glue.

All the girls played in the kid zone.

After that we left for the Hay Maze; way much fun and a little scary too.

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