Monday, October 13, 2008

Spit:a narrow strip of land that juts out into the sea

And here it is.

Homer, Alaska. It seems so far off but from where I took this photo to the end of the piece of land in the middle of the ocean only takes about 10-15 minutes to get to.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was shining so bright you couldn't help but feel warm all over even though the temperature was down a bit.

Right as we came into town we stopped at a local farmer's market and Debbie found some carrots for the kids. They were so cool. They were all tiny; some were red and some white and some super tiny like a nub. I don't remember what they were all called but I do remember the nubby ones were called thumbelina's and one of them was a rainbow carrot. Who knew there were so many different kinds. I didn't. Oh and by the way, THEY WERE GOOD! I think I could make a trip to Homer a few times over next summer just for the produce. I didn't get a picture but I will next time!

We also made a short stop at Island and Oceans. It is much like a visitor's center. There is some really cool stuff there and the kids always like going through. I got this quick shot of Cali on the way in. Isn't it the cutest picture?

Then we saw this guy. Isn't he darling? He isn't alive, but would you have known it?

After that we headed down to the beach, on the spit. We were looking for lunch but everything is closed down for the season. The girls quieted their rumbling tummies for a little while by playing at the beach.

They love looking for rocks and sea shells. And they always love climbing on the driftwood. I wish I could bring a bunch of it home! Don't know what I would do with it but I like it.

We found this dead crab.

I liked it too. I brought it home. I wanted to dry it out and save the shell. I put it in an empty planter by the front door to keep the smell out of the house and the next morning it was gone. :( I don't know what ate it but I think something did. Probably Booger. Grandma spoiled him so much, giving him goodies all the time. He probably thought she'd left it there just for him!

When we couldn't find any food we decided we had to leave the spit or starve.
On the way out, we passed this guy.

He was amazing. It is hard to get too close to them. This time however I was able to get closer than I'd probably ever done before. It was so bright out that I had a hard time getting crisp shots. Still I felt like I'd captured something unbelievable.

Finally, I got back in the car and we headed for the first restaurant we could find.
They closed at 3:00. It was just before or just after when we walked in. The guy in charge told us he wouldn't serve us. :( Still starving, we got back in the car. But not before I spotted this.

The flowers are a nice touch, don't you think. And of course, I love that it has an address too.
Finally, we found a place to eat, called the Caribou restaurant. It ended up being the same restaurant Grandma and I had taken the girls to many years ago when Cori was about 2 and Cassi was still in an infant car seat. And it looks exactly the same.

We had only just sat down when it started hailing. It was crazy. The kids and Grandma headed outside to check it out. It was smaller than a pea but still fun for the kids.

I loved this picture. Their expressions are cute. They are the result of trying to keep the hail out of their eyes.

We left town soon after we ate, but not before stopping for coffee. It was a somewhat quiet ride home. At least there were no screams to be let out of the car. Everyone was happily tired and ready to get home and relax. Besides we were headed for Exit Glacier the next day and we had to be rested!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lovely trip. That seal does look adorable. I really like the picture of the four girls in the hail.