Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Quick Stop in Ninilchik

We decided to head to Homer on Saturday. We packed up all the kids (including the borrowed one spending the night) like sardines in the car. In order to get there we go through the small town of Ninilchik. In Ninilchik, there is a small Russian Church that sits atop of a hill overlooking the ocean. It was always such a beautiful place.

I was a little sad to see it in such disrepair.

There were overgrown weeds everywhere and everything seemed so faded and sad. Even so, I found it beautiful and moving. It has been many years since I've visited. What I remember most from back then is the very small graves. I remember being so sad that so many babies died so young. It was many years ago and obviously those issues are less now than they were but still, such a sad time so long ago. It affected me then as I've carried it with me all these years.

This time, as I started to walk the path through the resting places I decided to take a couple photos. There was no rhyme or reason to those I chose to photograph. I meant no disrespect but more wanted to capture the simplicity and sadness. After I'd taken this photo I read the headstone and ...well I found it interesting that I'd stopped here.

That some time long ago, a child lost their mother so young. I can't imagine leaving my children motherless and for all children that go through life without their mom, my heart bleeds for them. For all mothers who've lost their children, my heart bleeds for them. So please pray for them today because just one look here will remind you how sorrowful it must be.

Once we left the cemetery I saw this outhouse. Tucked away a bit, in the woods.

It reminds me of a simpler time when life was likely less complicated than it is now but less convenient too.

We also took a short jaunt through the small town down the hill, below the church. It was colorful and there were signs that it was livelier just recently.

I would like to go back and visit next summer. You can tell there are many stories to be told there. I liked it.

We found a nice creek and took a few photos there.

There was a dead fish there that the kids were fascinated with. I took a photo but I'll spare you. Although, one might consider it art. :) Grandma thought I was crazy; Debbie's brain must be a little cracked like mine because she thought it was cool.

We left Ninilchik and headed for Homer. It was a beautiful day and we'd only just begun.
I will leave you with this to make you smile.

Cali was eating a push-up pop and had gotten it all over her face. I asked her if I could take her picture. (I have to do that now as she ALWAYS has an opinion) Anyway, she said yes and smiled. While smiling I couldn't see her mess so much so I said to her, "No, don't smile" and this is what I got instead.

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