Friday, October 17, 2008

Things are getting SPOOKY 'round here

We've been busy getting excited about Halloween. I haven't brought out too many decorations. Not sure why other than it is a LOT of work getting that stuff up from the crawl space and we've been so busy trying to get used to our fall schedule that I haven't had a lot of time to do that.

I have been lurking around so many blogs lately and there is a bevy of ideas to snag if one is so inclined. And certainly homemade decorations trump store bought ones, right? No need to head into that dreaded crawl space anyway.

Here is what we did for our preschool day yesterday.
We made recycled newspaper Halloween/Autumn wreaths. Cali informed me before we started that none of the kids would like this. I think they liked painting the newspaper enough and possibly even tearing it up. They even glued it on themselves but didn't really seem too impressed with the end result. Jen, Logan's mom, hot glued the ribbons on. I still think they are cute.

If you like these, you should check out Maya*Made Blog. She has an incredible talent creating things with newspaper.

We also made these cute pumpkin jars.

They were on The Entertaining House that I came across via this post on No Time For Flash Cards. I found a slew of jars at the salvation army store for about fifty cents each. They are likely some of the same ones I left there earlier this year. :)

I think these turned out darling. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of all of the ones that were made. We had several different jars. They were so cute that the big girls made me go buy more jars after school so they could make them too. We ended up with 4 all together. They are so cute sitting here, aren't they?

We made spider cookies-a really cute idea I found at no time for flashcards also. I was afraid the kids wouldn't care for black licorice so we made our with red. They were yummy.

We also had Halloween colored play dough. Play dough mania is still out in the living room on the mat as I write.

Lastly, I froze several containers of ice in layers that contained Halloween trinkets. I let the kids squirt water on them to melt them. We also used a hammer, and even stirred them in a bucket of water to melt them. Cali and Joey really loved this, Logan, not so much. (Our 4th, Corvin is out of town.)I wish I would have remembered to get pictures of the water flying. It was cute. I think I may do this on a larger scale for Cassi's classroom party. And she requested feely boxes, yippee!

We only host preschool once every 4th week. The other weeks we visit one of the other 3 participants houses. It has been great fun although it is interesting to see how we Moms differ in what we do. I obviously like to play because I never seem to offer to much in the way of traditional education. One of the other Moms did reassure me that our kids certainly need art too since they will eventually attend an Arts and Science charter school. Whew! Thank goodness, I'm off that hook.

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween?

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