Saturday, October 18, 2008


And away she goes. It was a long night. The girls were up late. We had no school yesterday so they were a bit lazy and thereby not feeling all that tired all that early. :(

Finally I got them all to lie down and eventually the sand man made his rounds to bring sleep to these Birthday Fairy expecting children.

This morning my ears tingled hearing the floor creak as Cassi and Cori crept down the stairs to take a gander at the fanciful things that winged imp left behind while the stars were doing their twinkle dance.

After a few minutes they tiptoed their way back to bed, trying so very hard to wake, I mean not to wake the birthday girl.

We walked downstairs while talking to Daddy in hopes the he could sense her delight in the gifts of the day. I am not sure he felt her smiles but I SO wished it for him.

She loved the blow-up cake which miraculously made its way out of the depths of storage just for her special day.

She received lots of wonderful and OSM gifts.

I am not certain which she loved most. Cori and Cassi immediately got her going on playing store with her cash drawer.

They set up a sushi bar with her wooden sushi set.

Shortly after that, she had a quick tea party with her tiny tea set. The bummer is, there are only two tea cups.

After she started waking up a bit, she decided some of the balloons left by that fairy were almost as fun as they presents she got. They make for a great game of catch.

It's going to be happy day!
And we are wishing the same for all of you. I wish you could be with us for dinner tonight as we celebrate at McD's since we couldn't think of a restaurant that sold hot dogs which was her only other acceptable choice.
(Daddy, this SMILE is just for you. We MISS you terribly and LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!)


juliekintaiwan said...

Happy Birthday! If she wants some Taiwanese play money for her money drawer, send me your address. =)

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

I am not sure how the reply works. I replied to the email I received but I'm not sure you got it. Send me your email and I will give you my address. Or email me at cheer4soccer (at)
The girls would love to see some.

juliekintaiwan said...

I sent a reply to your comment to that email. If you don't see it, check your spam folder, or leave a comment on my blog and I'll try again ;)