Thursday, March 24, 2011

amongst friends #72

Well, I am two days earlier than last week, that counts for something right? :)

I am loving this week's collage. The colors, the content, the quality and effort. Seriously, they are becoming quite unique and I feel like we all get a bit of an insight into
the lives and hearts of others through their photos. I like that.

Guess what, Justin is back! Justin, we've missed you and I hope you will be around a while.

Justin's picture is of a crosswalk. He's been riding his bike to work the past three weeks and says he crosses here, on Hillsborough Road daily, This picture makes me think of Karen's B picture last week.

Jocylyn sent in a great picture of a caterpillar. She had this to say, "
I went to visit some friends at a farm in Webster and these things where everywhere by the millions, they were falling off the trees and it sounded like it was raining and it was the caterpillars falling to the ground…Gross!"  When I was a kid these things were so fun!

I happen to know Kelly has been doing massive amounts of yard and garden work. In her picture we get an idea of just how much!  That doesn't even look fun to me. That is a LOT of cypress mulch!

Karen sent in a picture of Larry's newest car purchase, a convertible.  What I wouldn't give to be rising around in that about now.

Jerri stuck to her Irish roots this week. She said, "The Claddagh, known as the Irish wedding band. The hands signify friendship, the crown loyalty and the heart love. The Irish claddagh is now used internationally as a symbol of friendship and love."

I like Janice's picture but I'm not sure if it's because I am hungry or not. Just kidding. I think it's because I am a firm believer that food brings people together and when she said this, "
During a fun day skiing, we stopped to get a snack............  Chili Cheese fries?  Sure!!" about her picture, I just felt is was probably a happy day!

I like the story with Debbie's picture too.  I am a sucker for anything nostalgic. She said, "This coo-coo clock was a surprise gift from my brother who just got back from Germany.  The clock is Bavarian, purchased in Garmisch.  The gift was truly a delight as it was purchased in a place where we both learned to ski and have fond memories of."

Sheila's sent in a picture of the chapel at Marywood Center where she went camping this weekend. I really like the angles in this photo.

Joanne sent in a picture of her adorable new dog. Her name is ChuChu. Isn't she darling?

Linda took a pet picture too. I think it's her friends cat, Sassy! This is a very cute photo!

Mady get the award for most scrumptious photo and funniest description. She said, "...a photo of a classy chocolate cheesecake cupcake, composed with cutlery and a cliche concept. My friends and I went out to get coffee and pastries and hang out on the beach today (despite the 55 degree weather). We were originally gathering to tell anti-jokes -- we like to celebrate obscure holidays together, like Make Someone Feel Uncomfortable day and National Pick-up Line Day -- but we eschewed that in favor of photography, tree-climbing, and absorbing as much vitamin D as possible before the sun goes away again."  Sounds like fun! :)

My photo is of my clean kitchen table. Lately it is the only thing in the house that isn't cluttered. :)

Jenny's chime picture is nice too. I like the colors...I  just like the whole thing! Great picture Jenny!

Renee's picture of Claussen pickles is, well,  just yum!!  This reminds me of my Grandma, she LOVED pickles too! :)

And finally, Sandy's picture. I love that we learn about things in places so far away. She said "Anyway, the area where we live used to be the estate of a mansion for some nobleman. Back in the days when landscaping the grounds of estates - creating vistas and all that - were in fashion, quite a lot of Cedar of Lebanon trees were planted. It is hard to work out what the pattern was because of all the houses. One by one though these lovely ancient trees have been coming down. Some came down in the Big Storms of 1987. The one on my street had some of the large limbs break when we had the heavy snowfall in Jan 2010. Then they cut all the rest of the limbs off because of health and safety. It makes you grieve. So, here is a photo of one of the most glorious ones which is about a 10 min walk from here."

And there you go. Do you love them as much as me?  Don't you think the collages seem to be getting better
?  I just love it.

I will be out of town next week so if everyone can do me a favor and get me their pictures Saturday night or Sunday morning I'd really appreciate it. I'd like to get it posted before I leave, otherwise it will be a week late.

And now on to "D"  Have a Delightful time, don't do anything Dangerous, just Do it! :)

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