Monday, April 11, 2011

amongst friends #73

~The Letter D

It’s been so long since I received the ‘D’ pictures I am hoping I can recall all the descriptions or at least locate them in my email folder. J

In case you were unaware, I was out of town for a week.  I spent all of last week trying to catch up which I have still not managed to do. Ha. Not that I am ever caught up anyway, so I’ll just keep moving forward. Some progress is better than none, right?

My picture for ‘D’ was kind of a nod towards my trip.  We planned on taking a lot of snorkeling gear with us and when Cali spotted us pulling it out to get it cleaned up, she decided to give it a test run diving in the bath tub.

Jerri said you’ve seen a variation of her picture before for ‘noise’ but this time it’s for ‘DD’ or ‘diaper dog’.  He wears this machine washable diaper around the house but it’s removed when he goes in and out. She said DD can also occasionally stand for ‘damn dog!’  J

Renee’ sent in the funniest picture for ‘D’ and it speaks for itself. She did say to me when sending the picture, “I bet you won’t see any duplicates of this one” and she was right!

Karen’s ‘dudes’ picture brings back memories for me.  Its special you see, because the big one is my baby brother Patrick, the one on the left is my cousin Randy, then there is my cousin John in the middle and the baby is my cousin Jarren, currently stationed in Afghanistan.  Some great looking ‘dudes’ I say!

Linda sent in the most beautiful picture of the week. I was quite taken with her ‘dragonfly’ picture.  I believe she took at the Botanical Gardens she visits often with her little man Jimmy.

Kelly sent a picture of the Farm Stores drive-through in her neighborhood that she remembers from her childhood.  She said “I used to beg my Mother to stop there for a half- gallon of ice cream.  They always had the best flavors!!

Mady always has great descriptions and this week is no different.  She said “My photo is of my dorky delight: the dashing Doctor and a diabolical Dalek. I'm a big fan of the British television series Doctor Who, and have these little Lego guys on a shelf of tea animals in my room.”

Jocelyn said her picture is ‘D’ for daughter- the light in my life.

Sandy sent in a picture of a direction sign for one of the walks at a park across town from us.  Again, I love seeing how different things are in her country as compared to ours.

Jenny’s picture is a dangerous storm coming across the field. It’s creative and I like it!

Janice often has sweet pictures and this week she does it again with a photo of her delightful daughter with dogs, Diddy and Daisy. 

Debbie sent in a gorgeous picture of a painted daisy.  Lovely picture Debbie!

So we are long past looking for ‘E’ pictures.  I am hoping I have everyone’s but if I don’t please let me know right away and I will give you a minute to get it to me.  For those of you, who have been keeping up, thank you.  Hopefully I will catch up myself one of these days. Probably not but one can hope.  I am also looking for ‘F’ pictures, which technically should have been sent by this morning.  I will keep you apprised of where we are at through posting collages so keep your eyes open.

See you soon.

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