Sunday, March 20, 2011

amongst friends #71

The Letter B~

So, here it is another week, more problems. I won’t go into to details but suffice it to say I am working on the problem.  The good thing is, most everyone seems to stay on course now and continue looking for the weeks pictures even if I haven’t posted the collage yet. Thank you for that. 

This week we are back up to 15 players. Whoo Hoo!  Hopefully as others move towards spring they will find renewed energy and available time to start snapping pictures. I know the warmer weather and sunshine is making me want to get out and about.

There were interesting scenarios for the “B” collage this week. First, I think bulldogs must be more popular than I realized. Either that or my family just has a personal affinity for the breed.  Both Rayma and Renee’ sent in pictures of their four-legged furry friends.  Rayma said Baby Girl loves her bed. And Renee’ has a couple of these fellows. I am sure photographing them comes easy.

Kelly and Jocelyn both sent in pictures from their trip the the Plant City Strawberry festival. Their connection to be were similar but no where near the same.  I think Jocelyn was feeling a little guilty when she took her picture.  She sent this description,  “Sad but true beef is what I thought of when I looked at you.”   Food was on Kelly’s mind too and wanted to know, Would you try chocolate dipped bacon??  She said she passed on it! I say, “Chicken!” 

Sheila’s B picture is of her favorite book to read and a bonus, it’s blue!
Mady sends in some very cool pictures in my opinion and this one is no exception.  She said, “Beau, a beautiful boy bunny, balanced between blue and black books. It was a lot trickier than I expected to get him to stay still for one shot, he kept knocking books over and jumping around. But then again, he is a rabbit, so the jumping isn't so surprising!”
Karen sent in the Beatles cover. I smiled when I saw it. It just seemed to suit her.

Jerri said her picture is “Just an old fashioned billboard.”  I guess they aren’ everywhere anymore. We certainly don’t have many of them here.

Cassi Raye jumped in this week. She took her bumps picture on the way to Anchorage.
Sandy said she deliberated with several ideas but when she was working on a project she realized these buttons were just the thing for B.  I love all the color too!
I adore Janice’s picture this week.  She said “Andy will do ANYTHING for his girl.... even play Beauty Parlor.  =)  That is about the sweetest picture I’ve seen the whole week.

Jenny said “This is a picture of Frank's daughters bathroom that I recently redid and it is way out of my color comfort zone! LOL”

Kelly asked me if my picture was ‘branch’ which it technically could be. It wasn’t however what I ws thinking when I took it. I was driving along trying to recall a quote I’d read in a book long ago, that went something like- a branch in the wind must learn to bend in order not to break. I was reminding myself that I needed to remember to bend sometimes when I noticed several trees with bent limbs. So there you go! 

Debbie’s picture and description is super sweet.  She said “This is my Beautiful Breanna.  I celebrate each of my 5 children, but Breanna holds a special place.  Not only as the first born, but for her tremendous courage.  At the age of 17 she was diagnosed with Stage 2b Hodgkins while going to college.  She had multiple tumors, the largest of which was a tumor near her lungs 1/3 the size of her chest cavity.  She never once thought that having cancer was any 'big deal'.  She read Dave Barry books and laughed her way through chemo. She kept a 4.0 throughout her 6 months of chemo because she said nothing was going to get in the way of her education.  Her bravery and courage are an inspiration and something I draw strength from daily.  She has been cancer free for 7 years.”  Congratulation Breanna and Debbie, you took a beautiful picture of her!

Linda was back this week with a beautiful butterfly picture . I really love this one. She said “This is a Butterfly picture taken at Botanica our local botanical gardens I enjoy taking Jimmie there and we do a lot of photos of flowers and insects there.”  Linda I wish we had such a place. And I just wanted to mention it won’t be long before Jimmy will be submitting his own pictures!

And on that note, don’t ever hesitate to invite a friend if you think you might know someone who would like to participate.  It’s a great way to get creative, meet new folks, learn about new things and just have fun. I hope it is all those things for you too!

This week is “C” obviously. I think I already have one or two but the rest of you better get on it. By the time you are seeing this I will be looking for your “C” contributions and you will need to get started on “D”.  I will get a handle on my posting delays some day.

Have a great week. 

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