Thursday, July 03, 2008


Warm days don't come around too often but when they do, we are going to take full advantage of it!

Today was really warm. The girls (mostly Cori) are getting little colds and were a little tired today but this got them going. The big two had soccer practice at 6:00 so I knew I had to get their blood flowing before then.

Cali has been wanting to do something exciting and since this was the first time for this (this summer) it definitely could be called exciting.

Of course the big two started a bubble/water war right away.

Cali just liked filling and emptying the soap bottle again and again.

After the girls left, she settled in and I seriously thought she might go to sleep there for a little while. She was quite relaxed.

I finally convinced her to head inside. She agreed but left a few bubbles behind. :-)

Wish you were here!

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