Saturday, July 19, 2008

How many rocks does it take to fill one jar?

Last week we started participating with the unplug your kids goup.

Just prior to joining Cori purchased a very nice glass bottle at a garage sale. When I talked to the girls about doing a stone project, Cori immediately chimed in. She asked that I take her and her sisters to the beach to fill the jar with small colorful rocks. We are collectors at heart and the girls adore going to the beach!

As most of you know Nana arrived last weekend while we were in Anchorage for a soccer tournament. We were quite busy and didn't get around to getting to the beach until last night and in the expressions of Cali "Whoo Hoo!"

We took her with us. She was quite bundled but watched the kids (and me) dig and dig for quite a while.

I had a hard time keeping Cori and Wren (he is with us until Tuesday- long story) on task. They were on a mission to collect driftwood.(These sticks make all sorts of wonderful things at our house.)

Cassi helped a lot but I her caught scooping fistfuls of rocks and sliding them in once or twice.

Cali tried hard.

Fortunately when she got tired of trying she went to work filling her own bucket which takes less thought but could likely be more fun for a 3 1/2 year old.

I had no idea it could take quite so long to fill a bottle. The neck was very small and it set the pace as to what size rocks we were looking for. As those of you who know me well are aware, I likely enjoyed looking for rocks the most. I choose every one with thought and care. I had hoped we'd fill it with many red and green rocks as those are the most colorful but since beauty is very individual, the jar has wonderful rocks of many colors. Here is what we were choosing from.

I did find a piece of sea glass right when we got there and lost it just as quickly. (Or so I thought- I actually found it this morning in my jeans pocket) Cori found another piece but wouldn't agree to put it in the jar.

Then we started looking for sea glass more than rocks for a time. Wren ended up finding 2 pieces, which I am certain he would have shared with me.

Instead I think we will make beach trays to display our magnificent treasures we find there. We all decided we'd like to save the sea glass for those since they would be better viewed there.

If I had to admit the truth, we didn't end up filling the jar. We got close but decided we would finish on another day. Any excuse to get back to the beach works for us. Cori did choose a wonderful light blue silk daisy to put in the jar. I think it will look lovely when it is done. Very earthy. We will be sure to post the finished project when it is complete.

Hope your weekend is filled with colorful moments too!

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