Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th to All of You

I hope this day was a fantastic day for all of you.

We stayed up a little too late the night before and had to get up a little too early. At the last minute Thursday, Cori offered to walk in the parade with her best friend Alli. The person that was supposed to be walking decided not to so, as Cori says, 'she was a last minute substitution'. They were walking for Ted Stevens, AK Senator.

Scott secured our annual spot in front of the IGA (Alli's parents own the grocery store). We usually have donuts from there for breakfast and there is a drive thru coffee house with in walking distance so of course it is the perfect spot. (Oh, and the IGA bathrooms make it quite coveted as well)

The girls basically put together their own outfits this year. Cori's ended up being hidden since she wore an enormous Ted Stevens t-shirt. Cassi bought her darling hat in Fairbanks a couple weeks ago. She saved it for this special occasion. Scott and I loved it on her. I made Cali's tutu Thursday night, which is why I was up WAY too late. Scott wasn't sure she was going to wear it but when I met up with them after dropping Cori off, she had it on. :-)

The normal group of us showed up for the parade.

Amber and AJ even came even though they're old enough to say no. I was really glad they were there. It just seemed 'right'.

Holly and her gang are in the states this year so you won't see Barry and Wren in the pictures like you usually do. Alli's mom, Aunt and two cousins hung out with us too. And best of all, Rachel didn't have to work this year so she got to come.

There was another family (that we met through soccer) that hung out with us too. Their littlest girl, Shy (I know it is spelled different but haven't a clue how to do it) and Cali have become quite the buddies. Cali sure had fun at the parade with her.

There is a middle girl in their family too(Cassi's age)and her name is Kali. It was nice that she was there since Cori walked; Cassi had someone to hang with.

I know it seems rather goofy that I love the parade so much. I was actually reminded of our first one yesterday when Alli's cousin made a flip remark about it. I remember Scott and I thinking it was the lamest thing we'd done, the first time we watched. Now, I wouldn't miss it.

The parade was bigger this year. With WalMart coming soon, there was some big machinery in the area.
Cali didn't like the loud sirens on the firetrucks but she loved getting candy.
She even shared some with Grandpa.

We went over to the park strip for a minute; just long enough to eat some frybread(and cotton candy) and visit with a few friends.

After that we headed to Grandpa's house for fun and food!

The swing is always a fun place to start but then the lake lured us all in.

Well, not actually in but to the edge. We found some great stuff there. Cori set to making a stick and grass boat.

I am not sure she ever put it in the water but I loved watching her concentration and determination in making it. Cali floated along the edge of the lake in the little rafty thing. I was actually surprised she did it. She is seeming to be the risk taker of the three.

Cori took a turn on the rafty thing too and Cassi did her best to scare her. Cassi jumped on but quickly moved on too other things.

I loved the slugs at the edge of the water. They were quite fascinating as I'd never really watched one up close in the water. I think they look much like an eel moving around.

Booger was off looking around but came quick when I told him about those slugs. :-)

Cassi found the trampoline soon after eating barbecue. It is amazing she didn't get sick. She has mostly mastered her back tuck on the tramp. This is wonderful. She is aiming to hit it on the floor since we have a little wager going on. Here she was working on a back flip.

Cali is into bubbles lately. The girls tried every bubble toy we had. Then Cali had the unique idea of making a mountain of them. Pretty cool huh?

And don't you know we played a little golf ball horseshoes.

I really don't know what the game is called but according to Cori, it is her most favorite game EVER!

Cori and Grandpa were partners the whole day. Here he is helping her by being one with the target.

The rest of us switched up but they stuck together. AJ even played a round or two before he left to hang out with friends.

Amber had to work; we missed her.

I think everyone had their own version of the winning dance.

Who do you think did the best job?
I personally like Cali's winning leap after winning the run-around-the-tree-between-throws game. She wore herself out playing this game with Cori.

After games we headed for the 'hot' tub. Although Grandpa had turned off the heat weeks ago (he says it is too warm right now to sit in it) the girls had fun cooling themselves off in it.

It was a fun day. I passed out about 10:00pm. My friend Misty called shortly after and couldn't beleive I was down for the count already. I always have so much fun on the 4th of July and this year was no different.

I always take the close up photos because I am sure you will see the thoughts and feelings of the person I am photographing. I hope you do.

And, while I know I could almost gag you all with my peace,love,live life like its your last moment ramblings I'm going to end with this picture of love. I am absolutely certain when you look into the eyes of my little girl in this picture you know what her happiness is and at that moment it was celebrating Independence day, having fun with her family, being an all-American little girl in the lap of her Daddy.

There is no way that can't make you feel like celebrating.

Love to all of you!

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