Monday, July 21, 2008

Making fun out of window washing

OK, you will never believe this but I managed to get my windows cleaned this week while making it fit into the Unplug Your Kids weekly idea. :-) How absolutely great is that!

I will admit that it took a while to catch on. Wren was still here visiting and Cori has been a bit moody lately so selling this idea to them was a tad bit more difficult than I originally thought it might be. Cassi is simply so easy going most of the time that she went right along because she wouldn't want to be disagreeable.

Once I got the kids going, they had a great time. I had figured that the hose would be swinging and these great bubble brushes that I learned about here would create some lively laughs. It took a while but I was RIGHT! (Mom's usually are.)

The windows were really dirty as Nana can attest; I was kind of waiting for my mom to come back but I couldn't wait anymore. I figure she owes me dinner or something since I did her job. (She often cleans my windows when she visits) Anyway, she will be so surprised to see these sparkling gems on the front of our house!

Cali loved cleaning the screens, which is something I actually remember doing as a child. We did end up with some wet children. I did make sure to use warm water in the hose so no one got too cold. It wasn't the best weather day dinner we went around the table the tell our favorite part of the day and when we got to Cori she said "My favorite part of the day was washing the windows!" (I don't think she was kidding!)


So Smrt said...

That cracked me up!!! My toddler will do anything for me if I say it in my "fun voice".


ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Cali, my youngest was so 'into' it. She put on her rain boots and got tickled to be playing in the water. And the windows look so good! I did think it was funny to be posting about window washing, while supposedly posting about our 'fun' unplugged moment of the week.