Tuesday, July 29, 2008

41 years old- I'm going for it!

I am 41 years old today! I can't believe I am at this point in my life but wouldn't have it any other way.

I've learned and done a lot of things in 41 years. I feel like I have lived my life to it's fullest potential. I am not done but I am proud of my journey to get here.

Along my journey, I had three beautiful girls and have spent much of my journey after having them sharing with them what I've learned and learning with them. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to share with them and while I can not exactly put my finger on what it is I taught them, I know it was great.

Scott planned a sort of surprise party for me Saturday night. Due to some miscommunication I kind of learned of his efforts. In the events that followed he ended up changing his original plans (to take me to my favorite beach/park) and told me we'd be going to a friends house instead.

I love a great get together as much as just about anyone but I was disappointed that we weren't going to the beach. For a bit, I didn't say anything but...well, in order to free myself of the inner nagging feeling of disappointment I expressed to him that in the future I hoped he would just stick to his guns and go for it anyway. I should mention that it was raining buckets for days but I still felt I'd rather try the beach because he knew I loved it there and I DO!

Guess what? Being the great guy he is he called everyone and changed the plans back to the beach. Whoo Hoo!

So back to the lesson. It did rain! A lot! And still we played. Grandpa brought the motorhome. The tents came out. I brought lots of towels and umbrellas. The kids layered up and wore hats and gloves. It was wonderful!

I think best said, the lesson is LIVE YOUR LIFE! I even made this fit in to my unplugged project for the week. I know it was a stretch however I think the philosophy of the project is to get away from the TV and spend quality time with your kids. We did exactly that! While we were there, a good friend said, "Chris, I don't do flat wet hair very well. The smiles on everyone's faces couldn't have been more perfect and my mother in law once said to me, great hair is like a perfect frame for a beautiful face. I don't think there could have been a better frame than wet hair for all of our smiling faces at the park that night.

I will work on posting our pictures and story of the turn of events of the evening right away. I am certain because we chose to LIVE OUR LIFE, amazing things happened. Stay tuned.

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