Friday, June 25, 2010

The Nicest Kind of Mother's Day

Scott was out of town this year for Mother's Day. It's not entirely unusual. It kind of works that way here in Alaska, for many families.  Lots of Dads and husbands work week-on, week-off. Or even 2-3 weeks out like Scott often does. This year just happened to be one of those years where he was away.

I didn't give it a lot of thought as I am not prone to worry about it. I know I will figure out something to do with the girls and life will go on.

I didn't realize, with our hectic schedule he had been unable to take the kids to buy a gift. He is usually pretty good about it, although as I think about it, it's often last minute.  :)

I guess the kids had in mind to call Amber and have her take them to the store but I foiled their plan when I took them to the beach the night before. It just never occured to me that they needed to go anywhere and they were trying to keep things on the down-low so they never mentioned a thing.

I was having such a wonderful time on the beach that we ended up leaving late. Needless to say there was no shopping time.

Being that I have such amazing kids, they were quite ingenious about things and this is what they did. They set their clocks to wake up early. They took things we found at the beach and made the most wonderful gifts for me.  Have a look.

This is a book of quotes they researched on the internet. The stick is a special one Cali found  me at the beach. She tells me we are going to make some art out of it.

Cali also made me this pin.  She was quite proud of this jewelry.

I am quite proud of these. The smaller one on the right is the center bone of a vertebrae bone from a fish. the rocks are wrapped with wire to hold them together.

This is another photo holder they made for me out of a piece of wood we brought home.

So what do you think?  Pretty cool, huh.  Sometimes you don't need any money at all, just a little love!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all of you who are mother's. I hope you had the most wonderful day.

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