Sunday, June 13, 2010

amongst friends #33


Lots of interesting kinds of food on display this week.  :)  And it all makes me hungry..well not the dog food really.    I want to tell you, the front page of our Sunday paper had the exact same picture  this morning, just a different kid!  :)  I was feeling pretty full of myself!  (I'll try to add it to this post later so you can see how close it actually is.)

We have lots of interesting themes coming up.
Next week is orange THE COLOR, don't limit your self to only the fruit but if it works for you, so be it!
The following 4 themes might be tricky so be sure to start giving them some thought now.  I know I am.

Pink (the color)

I do hope some of you who've been thinking about joining us will.  It's a bit addictive and if you train yourself to think about it, there are some rather creative pictures to be taken!  Enjoy the ride and after you do, add your photographic efforts to ours. I'll be watching my inbox.

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