Tuesday, June 08, 2010

amongst friends #32


I am a bit behind again in posting.  I actually had my photo before Saturday but Cori, without knowing about my picture, spoke of taking one somewhat the same. So when I noticed my photo at the beach, I thought I'd leave the other opportunity for Cori. Unfortunately, she hasn't taken it yet. If she ends up getting one done, I will edit our collage.

I found the choices of this week's photos interesting.  No one took it very literally. I really like Kelly's picture this week. There is something about it that I can't explain that I really like. Sandy's photo actually crossed my mind but I was too lazy to go back and get my picture. I suppose it's a good thing or we would have duplicated each other. Do you know what it is?  Jenny and Jocelyn stepped out of the box a little and I think they were both very creative. I like my own photo but wish there was more color to it.

So what about you?  What did you photograph this week that was round? Was it more literal or did you stretch your ideas as well.

This week our theme is food and the following week is the color orange.  Feel free to join us anytime.

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Sandy said...

Cool, I love the rock with the circles. I have all sorts of rocks my son used to collect.

hmmm...food. shall I be prosaic or exotic? LOL