Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It's Time for a Haircut

I finally took the girls to get their hair cut today. Cori has been bugging me for a while and we just haven't had much time to get there.

Interestingly, Cori's hair looks the least different. She wanted to cut a lot more off but i wanted to take it slow. She has (or did have) the shortest hair in the family.  I was afraid she'd start middle school in August and have a little fit and there would be nothing I could do to help her. I did tell her if after a week she is still wanting to cut more off, I'd take her in again. After a day however, I think she is more interested in getting highlights.

Cassi took a big plunge and cut off about 10 inches. We are sending her hair to Locks of Love in hopes that it will bring some joy to someone needing a little.She was a bit nervous and wouldn't hold the hair we saved. She didn't even want to look at it.

I think she will like this new length. Especially for soccer. I am hoping it will be brushed more often.

Cali (who is the one who likely has the shortest hair now) cut a little off and it gives her a shorter pixie look. It's not a bob, but still cute.  She's been flipping it around everywhere since we left Miss Abby's.

Now it's my turn but I need a LOT of work.  :)  More hours than I have to spare right now.

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haircuts look great