Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Word of the Week

OK, so I am not doing so well at getting these posted. I'm trying however it is a really busy time at our school and I am there a lot! So, that means late "Word of the Week" posts. :(

Either way, I find this weeks word funny to look at. When i saw it I did a double take. The meaning has no significance at this time but looking at it still makes me smile!

Here goes:





1. greedy, desirous

2: lecherous

And here is my attempt to use it-

I found her lickerish behavior appalling and disappointing.

Now, do you think you could use this word on a daily basis without giggling?

1 comment: said...

Didn't know this word but it made me laugh and reminded me of a story. When my oldest were 4 and 6 my 4 year old asked if they could have some licorice. I said sure. A few minutes later I saw them in the backyard... each with a beer! Seems there was some misunderstanding of the distinction between licorice and liquor! I explained the difference right after I confiscated the brews! Love your word a week. I'm learning with you!