Sunday, May 03, 2009

Getting the Jump on Spring

A few weeks ago the girls were getting very antsy for Spring to arrive. On a warm day we wrapped up, threw Booger in the car and headed for the beach. I was sure there would be little snow and the beach would be a playground. Ours alone since I expected few people there.
Well, I was right that there were few people but wrong in that there was TONS of snow.
It made little difference to the girls. Instead of heading to the water's edge which was plagued with ice dams, they decided to climb the snow covered dunes. Wacky kids!

I adore this picture above. It isn't the quality of the photo (in fact it is rather out of focus) it is the mind's eye view of their future I see when I look at it. I know there will be times in their lives they will depend heavily on each other and I believe if they trust in their companionship and love for each other they will conquer every mountainous obstacle they face. It is one of the many dreams I have for them. I remind them often that no matter how frustrated or annoying they seem to each other at times, there will come a day or days when they are all each other has. I pray they recall my reminders to love and support each other when that day comes.

Cali and I stayed in the car as did Boogs (it was a bit windy) to watch their eventual triumph. It was nice to watch from afar and imagine the kind words they were sharing and the memories they were making. I also think it was a nice example for Cali to see. We talked a bit about it and giggled with them from our warm places in the car.

The girls were there just long enough to get a work out. Finally, being a bit chilled we headed home for hot chocolate.

It may not have been Spring but it was in our sights and that was good enough!

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