Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cali is Playing Soccer- And it is a VERY Different Game

Cali started soccer this year. Since her birthday is late in the year, she started later than many of her fellow teammates. Now that I have seen her play, I realize it may have been a good thing!

Here's why,

When her practices started Scott was out of town. After her first one, I had to call him and explain that soccer for Cali was going to be a different game than it was for Cori and Cassi. She wanted to wear a dress to soccer that day. I explained that we don't wear dresses in soccer. Cali said " Well I do!" And she did. :)

One day, during a game I was watching her run down the court (indoor soccer) and all of a sudden I couldn't see her. I stood up and started looking thinking I really had to pay more attention. Asking all around me if anyone knew where Cali was, I was told she had climbed into the bleachers and off the court to chat with some friends she hadn't seen in a while.

And one day I had to miss a game. I called Scott to ask how she had done and he said she did great. She spent one quarter making pretend snow angels (while she was playing defense) with one of her best buds Cavin. I was also told the next day, by her one of her coaches, she wouldn't be playing defense with Cavin anymore!


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