Saturday, January 17, 2009

When the Sisters are Away...

Mommy and Cali play.

My turn is coming for our preschool group. I've been thinking about having a snowman party for our day. I needed to try out a few things and figured Cali could help me get started.

We made snowman dough tonight. We often make playdough and it's always a hit. We usually make it with Kool-Aid as it smells so good and is great for color. This time we left it out. I was wondering if I could find some sort of essential oil that had a woodsy scent. I thought it might remind me of the outdoors, where snowman should be built.

I let Cali do most everything other than cook it. Our dough is a little oily as it was tricky for her to pour the oil into the tablespoon. And it is very glittery; she just kept adding and adding!

After we made the dough, we needed to test it so we set forth making snowmen. I probably shouldn't have let her do this part as it was something I intended to do with our group. I am hoping over the next few days she will come up with more ideas of things we can use for embellishments. We used pipe cleaners, some craft foam scraps, and buttons.

Cali's snowman has a lot of stuff going on but what I love the most is the jump rope.

My snowman is rather boring next to her creativity but it was fun to make just the same.
Cali took this lovely photo. (It was a looong day- hence the reason I look sooo tired)

After we made our snowmen I told Cali to build whatever she wanted. She made this.

I'll give you 3 guesses.
1. It's not a spider.
2. It's not a sun
3. It's not a ...(fill in anything you can possibly think of here)

It is a...

Trampoline for the snowmen!
I thought it was so great I told her I wanted another picture. While I was trying to take this picture, Cali said (and I quote) "Mom, kids make art, and I am a kid who makes great art!"

And I agree!

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