Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am thinking "Mother's Day" gifts made by the kids

Isn't this the cutest.
I saw this post at Zakka Life a while back. (I thought I'd been led there via How About Orange and this post but I don't see a link there now so God only knows how I got there.) Anyhow, when I did, I immediately thought they would make nice Valentine decorations or even a cute gift Mother's Day if I could incorporate some color. I was thinking along the lines of doing them with Cori's and Cassi's classes.

I finally made one yesterday. I didn't have the paper cutter out so my cuts aren't perfect. :( Such is life. After I was finished, I still kept thinking it needed a little color. So I grabbed a tiny spray paint can and gave it a quick dust of yellow. The I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw some of these flowers in a vase on the counter, popped one off and viola!, now I LOVE it.

I won't bother with re-writing how to go about it since I've linked you above, but they are super easy. And I still think they will be perfect for reusing an old magazine around the house and make a cute decoration/gift for Mom in her favorite color, whether it be for Valentine's day or Mother's day.

We are off to make several in pink, purple and teal for Princess Cassi's room.

Have a fun day!

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