Monday, January 26, 2009

"C" is for Caterpillar (and Cali)

Cali is stuck in the house today. She isn't feeling well and I am afraid she is coming down with fifth disease. :( It seems everyone has it around here at the moment. I guess its just our turn.

When I glanced over at No Time For Flashcards earlier today I saw this post. I asked Cali about it and whether or not she wanted to do it. She did! So here you go.

I had her color it first, just to drag it out a little. Plus I wasn't sure she would really cover it with the pom poms. She colored the whole thing. The she covered nearly the whole thing with pom poms. I guess she really needed something to do today!

When she finished she wanted to write the word 'caterpillar' on her paper. She couldn't quite fit it all in so she curved around the paper a bit. Whatever works. Writing makes her very happy these days which in turn makes everyone happy.

Here she wanted to take her own photo of her finished work.

And of course, one of them together is a must.
Hope every one of you are feeling well.

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