Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scott got one!

I received a call today from Scott. I hadn't heard anything since Saturday when I received a call from one of the young men he is hunting with letting me know he was happy and still hunting. Since I didn't get to actually talk to him the other day, I knew when I heard his voice this afternoon, the news must be good. He did take an elk and he sounds very pleased about it. He will be coming home Friday night in time for Cori's birthday on Saturday baring elk meat which is what she told him to bring home for her. We will meet him at the hotel and spend a littel time in Anchorage on Saturday since Cori's birthday party isn't planned until the following weekend. ( We didn't want Daddy to miss it) Here is the only photo I've received so far but it's not bad. I am sure he will relish in sharing details of the hunt with some of you but he will be glad to know you've seen his trophy.

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