Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cori's 9th Birthday

Not sure how many of you know, but the birthday fairy visits our home every birthday just like the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny would come other times of the year. It is a tradition the girls came up with in a round about way some years ago. It's a great story and if you every want to know more about it, I will share it with you in another story later.

More importantly, this year was like every other and the Birthday Fairy did visit our home. We weren't here this year however. We were in Anchorage picking up Scott. The fairy left a note the morning of Cori's birthday at the hotel, explaining that since she wasn't absolutley certain she could track us down in Anchorage she left Cori's presents at the house which Cori would find upon her return home.

Amazinglythat fairy got everthing decorated while we were away and when we pulled in at 10PM that night, sure enough there were presents to open. We were all pretty tired(especially Cali) but Cori still loved seeing everthing done up in her honor and went ahead and opened her gifts before going to bed. We had given Cori the option of getting a big 'ole gift or having her carpet replaced which she has been requesting for some time. She chose the carpet so there weren't too many gifts this year since there weren't any from Mom and Dad. All in all though, that Birthday Fairy comes through with some fun stuff.

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