Monday, September 11, 2006


Today is September 11th. An amazingly important day to all of us. I have no clue why I decided to do this today nor do I understand how it all came about on this day of all days. But since I have figured it out and since it is the day that it is; I am posting a photo you have all already seen. I think most of you know why it's so special; it goes with saying. But in the event your lost to the meaning behind the photo, just know that this is one special flag and we are eternally grateful for it. Hope you all have a joy filled day and I hope we all stop several times on this day especially, to thank GOD for all the gifts in our lives. Remember gifts come in many disguises so take a moment to look for the less obvious.

Love to all of you!

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Mark, Jeanie, Allie and Amy said...

Thank you for the message. I am eternally grateful to live in this country and feel blessed to have family who feel the same.