Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness~Lets Do it Together!

I have been planning something similar to this for my upcoming birthday. In the meantime, I am going to practice with this project! I found the project HERE.

Here are the details, pulled from Toddler Approved.

1. Accept the challenge to accomplish 100 acts of kindness with your families or students over the next four weeks (Jan 16-Feb 14).  Use the link for the project above.

2. Let us know in the comments that you are joining us! Again, use think link above.

3. Create a way to record your acts of kindness. (Ideas from last year are here and here. We'll share some other ones soon too. You can simply make an X on the calendar or come up with something super creative. The sky is the limit.) I think we can use facebook as well.

4. Participate in each weekly challenge. We will give you one each Monday for four weeks. They will be simple.  

5. Join us in celebrating your success with a Kindness Celebration on Valentine's Day, Feb 14th!

For all of my friends who had so much fun participating in Secret Santa, you should love this equally!

Let's do it!

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