Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Can you believe it's 2012? Did you ever think about this year, where you would be? I'm not sure I ever did. Life seems to be going so much faster than I ever expected it would. That said, I'm in for the long ride.
Loving (mostly) every minute of it. I wish I could hang on to my girls a little longer but they are pulling, testing their boundaries and growing so quickly. So me, I'm hanging on, to each moment, each memory, each tradition for as long as I can in hopes they don't abandon them all and we can continue to make great memories.

Just like we do every year since Cori and Cassi were tiny, we took a first family picture of the New Year.  There aren't really any rules but I try not to use a tripod. (As far as I know, we only did that one time- when Andrew was visiting.) I always hold out the camera, at arms length and snap. Because it always happens sometime after our annual New Year's Eve party, I've usually had a few drinks, so you could end up viewing the tunnels of my nose or see a lovely double chin. The kids are loopy and very tired so with them you never know what you will get. And Scott, he's usually just trying to get it done without casualties.

As the girls grow older, we seem to often have 'extras' visiting and because they are usually close friends, we include them. This year is our biggest grouping yet. In addition to the 6 of us (I say 6 because Wren has been in almost EVERY one- love that boy!) there is Cassi's friend, Abbi, Cori's friend, Whitney and Cori's boyfriend, Brodi. There weren't really any great shots, in fact there is something ridiculous about every one. I'm not including all of them but I will show some of the better ones.

These pictures are really special to me and hopefully I will one day be able to compile all of them in one space. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Here is wishing you a wonderfully silly and fun year, that it's a great ride and that you are hanging one!

Happy 2012!

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