Wednesday, July 20, 2011


and Learning.

I was a little disappointed that Cali wasn't reading better than she was by the end of Kindergarten. Then they had a cool camp for kids still needing help and she wasn't invited. I was a little disappointed by that too. I decided If I didn't know the right people or wasn't one of them, (it's often a lot about who you are or you know- isn't it?) then we'd make our own path. 

Cali's new job is to make grocery lists for me. This was her first one. I found it super cute that she said to me, "In case you can't understand my writing, I drew you some pictures." I think it's pretty wonderful and it's been a fun way to encourage her to write and spell. 

In case your curious, that first word is 'sprinkles'.  :)

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