Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fish In!

Some places one might say "Fish On" but here in Alaska in late July, we are slaying  'em. We are throwing our nets in the water and fish are jumping in them! Fish In!

(I don't know this lady, but her fish was trying to get back to the water, she couldn't get a hold of it so she just flopped down on it! Maybe you had to be there! :)

Truth be said, we didn't dip net this year, Scott did. He went with his friend Dan while I toted Cassi and Cali to cheer camp. After getting the girls to their destination Cori and I headed to the beach to take a few pictures of Daddy and all the fish he caught and all the other crazy people trying to do the same thing.

Then, being good timing and all, we ran the mile (at least it felt like it) back up hill to get the truck and pick those guys up. Dip netting is hard work and since we didn't have to stand in the water, fighting the current and freezing our hineys off, the least we could do was run up a hill to keep them from having to walk back to their car.
Way up in the right corner of this picture, in the dark trees is where Cori and I ran to. Trust me, thee is a big hill there, one which I can not run up very well!

Scott ended up with more than 20 fish! WooHoo! I think Dan got 10. Do you know how much that many fish weigh? A LOT! Both of them tried to individually pull the sled of fish on their own which didn't work so well so they toted it together. Yeah, I didn't even try. Cori and I carried the nets, trying to do at least some small part.

The girls love taking smoked salmon to school for lunch. These fish will go a long way in that regard. We are really grateful that living in Alaska grants us this opportunity.

And of course, dip netting is always fun for the kids.

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