Monday, December 01, 2008


Because of a few of you have been asking...
* I decided to not hang the antlers in front of the painting. I felt like it was stashing on thing in front of another for lack of anywhere else to put it. It didn't work for me.

There was about a 50/50 split on opinions as to whether or not it looked good there. I was shocked that people thought there was a 3-D effort going on. I don't think that was the original thought when it was placed there but many thought it was and agreed with the plan.

* As for a full shoulder mount in the kitchen looking over the dining table, again there was around a 50/50 split of opinions. There were many people who didn't understand my question clearly. The view of the red wall in the photo below is from my dining table. So, imagine if you can, looking up at a large elk head from your seat while eating that same elk in a burger! :)

This really doesn't bother me. I've skinned enough and truthfully used to think I'd make a darn fine taxidermist. My concern was and is having friends and family over to visit and having them see Bambi's Dad looking down on them.

We really haven't come to a decision at this time as the Elk is at the taxidermist and will be there for a while. At some point however we will have to come to an agreement. I come from the side of the fence that says we have 4 shoulder mounts- which means the head is included, 3 European mounts- which means the skull is there but no eyes or fur, and about 6- several small antlers only. Oh, and also, two bear rugs and a couple fox and wolf furs. I would like to turn the master bedroom into the cabin-look. I could move some mounts around; put the best of them downstairs and some of the others upstairs.

This poses a bit of a problem for Scott as he says if they are hidden in the bedroom, he essentially loses his braggin' rights. Unless we plan to invite folks to our bedroom each time someone new visits.

So, for now, things are the way they were, except there is one lonely European mount in the crawl space, waiting to be moved upstairs.

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