Monday, December 01, 2008

Snowmachine Sleepover

Did you ever have one of those?

I am pretty sure Scott and I ROCKED the kool parents of the weekend!

The girls decided they wanted to have friends over this weekend. Cassi invited Ashley and Kailey and Cori had Emily and Alli over. Wren also came to spend the night, which was wonderful as it seems like its been a while since he's been around.

Everyone showed up Saturday afternoon, and they all immediately went out to snowmachine on the track that Scott completed this past Summer. There are whoop-ti-doos and bumps galore which they all seem to Luuuuv.

That night they played until they could play no more. I finally got them to lie down and watch a Christmas movie around 11:00. There were 4 girls strewn across the living room floor and one growing boy on the couch. Two girls were in the bunk beds upstairs. Cassi wanted to be near Mom too so I climbed in that top bunk like I was 10. My body felt like it was 80 come 9:00 am but well...Cassi was happy!

After a big breakfast of eggs, bacon and biscuits with honey they headed out again. Scott was super Dad and hung out with them. Everyone came in with frozen grins and numb fingers looking for hot chocolate. The laughter made the room quite cozy and I couldn't help but be grateful for the moment.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was filled with laughter and blessings as well.


4 Lettre Words said...

Well...I can honestly say that I've never done that!! Wow! Too cool, in deed.

P.S. You have a beautiful family!

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Thank you. We hope to have another party soon. Maybe over the holiday break. We'll see.