Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A visit with Santa

We had the opportunity to visit with the real Santa again this year. You may not be aware but last year Santa left a photo of himself in front of our tree for the girls to find Christmas morning. He was eating the cookies we made for him and everything.

We heard that he would be taking time out of his busy schedule to visit Kenai again this year so we hurried over to see him. It was incredibly exciting to see him in person after knowing he'd walked through our house and ate our cookies last year. Wow!

Cali doesn't remember him much and was a little nervous about meeting such an important guy. It took her a little while to move in but she did end up getting close enough to get a couple Christmas card photos.

Cassi was VERY excited about seeing Santa again. She was quite prepared to put on her best face and tell Santa everything she thought she might want for Christmas.

Cori isn't sure she still believes. Actually she says she is sure but as she gets older she is certainly more wary of people she doesn't know well. She also is thinking she is a little too old to be posing with Santa but I guilted her into it one more year.

We managed to get a couple of them all together but Cali seemed to be looking over her shoulder the whole time.

For the record, I probably wouldn't have taken the to see that Santa guy had I known they would be whispering in his ear that they wanted a puppy. And even then, I didn't think he would really bring a puppy all the way from the North Pole on a sleigh.

Here's hoping you all had a nice chat with Santa this year as well and that he made your Christmas wishes come true too!

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