Monday, December 24, 2007

The Story of a Brave Little Girl

You have all probably heard about Cassi Raye and her exciting evening last Thursday.

It turned out to be quite an exciting evening for all of us and except for Cassi's fear and pain, Scott was probably the most emotionally challenged as he was with her when it happened.

Cassi had a scheduled Christmas party at her Cheer gym at 5:30 Thursday. I was due to host a Family Fun Night Roller skating Party for our school from 6:00- 8:00. On my way over at 5:45 I got a phone call from Scott telling me Cassi had broken her arm. She couldn't have been in the gym more than 10 minutes. I couldn't beleive it.

The mom in me came out and I called Cassi. I needed to talk to her and thought she might need to talk to me. It seemed as though Daddy had it under control but my heart was still going crazy. Fortunately the roller skating rink is right around the corner from the hospital so I was able to stop throw the supplies out the door of my car to my friend Misty and run like heck to meet them. Truthfully there were angels looking out for us through out the evening and I sincerely felt my prayers were answered in every way.

Cassi was such a trooper through out the whole process. When I arrived she was calm; a little scared but completely confident in the care of her Daddy. Shortly after I arrived they took her for her first set of x-rays. It was a little painful but we survived it. When they told us there was a need for a second set she got a little shook up. Twisting her arm to get just the right angle really hurt. Still she hung in like a fighter. I was really amazed.

Once she got back to her room they decided to put in an IV or the preparations for one. The first nurse has some trouble and it too was painful but again as soon as they stopped trying she pulled it together. The second nurse came in and put it in her hand which went incredibly smooth. Again, another gift for which I felt we were blessed.

They never did have to give her pain-meds which in the end helped her wake up, from the local they used to set the arm, so much faster. We were there for several hours but I have to say for the most part she was as comfortable as we could have asked for given the circumstances.

Here are a few pictures of her ordeal. Her arm reminded her of a snake she kept saying. It just looked weak and wiggly to me.

She ended up going to school the next day. She was there all day save arriving one hour late. She even had smiles to share for all of her friends who made get well cards for her first thing in the morning.

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